Art from Kyindoo Wilam – Learning Place
Art from Kyindoo Wilam – Learning Place
Kyindoo Wilam (2020)

Presented by BIRRARANGGA Film Festival

Kyindoo Wilam – Learning Place

Unclassified (All Ages)
Virtual cinema

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15–28 Mar 2021

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A selection of animations and short films from across the world curated by Tony Briggs.

This is a place where children, teenagers and adults can come to watch and learn. Stories that are beautifully expressed with honesty and warmth.

The Fourfold

Directed by Alisi Telengut

Based on the ancient animistic beliefs and shamanic rituals in Mongolia and Siberia, The Fourfold is an exploration of the Indigenous worldview and wisdom. With handcrafted imagery, this short film is a testament of reclaiming animism for environmental ethics and non-human materialities.


Directed by Suvi West

In a yoik video, a mother and a child discuss the mythical Čáhcerávga, a water spirit which coaxes children onto weak ice. It is part of the work The Killing of Čáhcerávga by the international collective Miracle Workers.

Standing Above the Clouds

Directed by Jalenka Keane-Lee

A short documentary following Native Hawaiian mother-daughter activists as they stand to protect their sacred mountain Mauna Kea from the building of the world’s largest telescope.

NAJA (Little Sister)

Directed by Marc Fussing Rosbach

Guided by two small spirits, Naja escapes a traumatic event. Flickering and dancing, the spirits guide her as she transforms into the Northern Lights.

First Time Home

Directed by Kimberley Benjamin

A young baby is introduced to her father’s Yawuru country for the first time. She is guided by the spirit and voice of Country, as she travels from Melbourne to Broome with her parents and when she arrives she experiences all that it means to meet and connect with Country for the first time.


Directed by Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu (Nation: Kanaka Maoli), Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson

The hidden history of four monumental stones on Waikiki Beach and the legendary transgender healing spirits within them.

Hop Along Hang On

Directed by Cobra Collins

How do you take back a story you didn't know was yours? How do you move forward while embracing and understanding your past? Follow Rose the rabbit on a journey as she seeks her way back home.

Format: DCP
Duration: 94 min


94 mins


Unclassified (All Ages)

No age restrictions

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