Ga´idat/ma´hccat (Dissociate) (2020)

Presented by BIRRARANGGA Film Festival

Matters of Heart and Soul

Unclassified (15+)
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15–28 Mar 2021

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A selection of Indigenous short films from across the globe, curated by our Artistic Director Tony Briggs.

NJOUKCAMAT (The Tongues)

Directed by Marja Bål Nango (Sámi) and Ingir Bål Nango (Sámi)

A horrific act of violence is committed upon a Sámi reindeer herder during a blizzard on the tundra. Her sister senses that something is wrong, and the connection between them reunites them physically and spiritually across the landscape.


Directed by Deborah Brown

In this poetic short about family, love, and loss; the death of a beloved grandfather calls a man to the ocean where sinking offers a respite from his isolation.

Forgive Me

Directed by Chelsea Winstanley

Sina, a young arts student meets his professor for a game of chess in their favourite cafe. Today marks the end of business for the coffee shop and the end of a game Sina thought he could win.

Ga´idat/ma´hccat (dissociate) 

Directed by Sunna Nousuniemi

gáidat/máhccat (English title dissociate) is an experimental narrative about an Indigenous soul trying to survive in the colonial society..


Directed by Becs Arahanga

Hinekura, a young Māori girl, embarks on the right of passage ceremony in her community that changes her relationship forever. 


Directed by Nivi Pedersen

Anna's son, Miilu, is discussing with his fiancé if Anna should attend their wedding or not. Anna suffers from hallucinatory dementia but is already a user at e-Na, a helping equipment for people with dementia and their relatives.

Runtime: 73 min

Event duration

84 mins


Unclassified (15+)

Restricted to persons 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult

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