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Faces, Displays and Other Imaginary Things (2020)

Presented by BIRRARANGGA Film Festival

Red Tide Cinema – Indigenous Avant-Garde Cinema of North America

Curated by Adam Piron | USA & Canada | 2020 | Unclassified (15+)
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15–28 Mar 2021

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A short film package curated by filmmaker and film programmer Adam Piron (Kiowa/Mohawk).

Out of Nothing

Directed by Alexandra Lazarowich & Janna Kyllastinen

A short documentary exploring the stories we tell about the birth of the universe. Long Island, NY, is home to some of the oldest Indian reservations in the US and the home of the Shinnecock Nation. According to their creation myth they are "the human children of the goddess who descended from the sky". Only a few miles away lies the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, where scientists from around the world conduct experiments on what the universe is made of and what it looked like in the first few moments after its creation. Drawing parallels with the scientific story of the Big Bang and the creation story of the Shinnecock, Out of Nothing looks at why we are all fascinated and compelled to know where we come from.

Fluid Bound

Directed by Rob Fatal

An experimental Two Spirit Mestizo meditation on the complex generations-old relationships and battles between our skin and our souls.

Faces, Displays and Other Imaginary Things

Directed by Woodrow Hunt

A familiar route is remapped to contemplate and remember the complicated past of Indigenous labor in the Pacific Northwest.


Directed by Blackhorse Lowe

Larry A. Lowe and Carmelita B. Lowe talk about the history of their homestead as we witness the construction of a Hooghan, a traditional Navajo home.

Maat Means Land

Directed by Fox Maxy

What does it mean to come from somewhere? This film focuses on California’s Native core.

Format: Pro Res
Language: English
Runtime: 74 min

Event duration

74 mins


Unclassified (15+)

Restricted to persons 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult

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