Love, Dad (2021)
Suzie in the Garden (2022)

Presented by CaSFFA, ACMI, & the Embassies of the Czech and Slovak Republics in Canberra

Wide Worlds: Shorts in Motion

Unclassified (15+)

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6–16 Oct 2022

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Three shorts – Suzie in the Garden; Love, Dad; and Red Shoes are brought together in this 40 minute program.

The charms and pleasures of the great outdoors is on full display in the playful and mysterious Suzie in the Garden; turning her father’s 15 year old letters into a work of art, Diana Cam Van Nguyen’s personal Love, Dad explores old memories with unexpected profundity; and, in the raw Red Shoes, Róza surrenders to an experience that turns from dream and nightmare.


40 mins


Unclassified (15+)


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Red Shoes (2021), dir. Anna Podskalská

Red Shoes (Rudé boty, 2021)

Directed by Anna Podskalská

The village party has begun, and Róza hasn’t been invited to dance – until a stranger, who Róza doesn’t know, gives her a pair of red shoes. Róza starts to dance with great passion, but her performance soon descends into something much darker when she discovers the shoes have a mind of their own. Anna Podskalská’s Red Shoes animates a European folk tale with artistic force and whirlwind intensity.

14 mins | Czech Republic | Ages 15+

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Love, Dad (Váš táta, 2021)

Directed by Diana Cam Van Nguyen

A short film about the gaps between a child and a parent, the weight of parental love, and the loneliness that silence can bring. Nestling into her own story, the director, Diana Cam Van Nguyen, uncovers 15 year old letters of affection from her Dad – letters that he wrote to her from prison – in an attempt to rediscover his love. This touching, ingeniously animated short is a remarkable feat of style and biographical storytelling.

13 mins | Czech Republic, Slovakia | Ages 15+

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Suzie in the Garden (Zuza v zahradách, 2022)

Suzie in the Garden (Zuza v zahradách, 2022)

Directed by Lucie Sunková

Moving with her mum and dad, Suzie leaves the city, and plunges into the joys of country-living. One day, she meets a black dog and discovers a mysterious garden through a small opening in a fence. A charming tale of childhood, Suzie in the Garden calls to the wonders of imagination and nature, and captures them through the unusual animation of painting on glass.

13 mins | Czech Republic | Ages 15+

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