Still from 'The Close World – The Building', Daniel Jenatsch, 2022 copy 2
Daniel Jenatsch, ‘The Close World; The Building’, 2022, video still, image courtesy artist

ACMI presents

Daniel Jenatsch: The Close World – The Building


Daniel Jenatsch’s first foray into playable video-based art explores the imaginative capacity of AI.

Learning to collaborate with the non-human will soon be an essential skill. ‘The Building’ is part five of an ongoing series of works, The Close World, an experiment of fantasy world-building in collaboration with human and non-human actors. Written in collaboration with OpenAI’s GPT-3 trained on key texts of fantasy and philosophy of language, ‘The Building’ is realised in 3D sound and vision by Daniel Jenatsch, performed by artist and philosopher Franziska Aigner and brought to the world by full stack web developer Tim Busuttil. In the spirit of collaboration, ‘The Building’ explores the imaginative capacity of AI and it’s unique voice in intersection with our own.

The Close World – The Building is a further iteration of a larger body of work by Daniel Jenatsch. This is the first time Jenatsch has ever considered making a playable video-based work, and he imagines that different iterations and further developments of ‘The Building’ will be released at different times across the exhibition period.

To get to the Close World we must come to this world of terrors. We must touch the return of the time, the innocent earth beneath the grass of words. To get to The Close World we must flock amongst the birds.

Daniel Jenatsch


From 16 Jan 2023

View online 24/7




This FREE online exhibition is showing in Gallery 5 on the ACMI website.

About Daniel Jenatsch

Daniel Jenatsch is an Australian composer and artist who combines atmospheric soundscapes, music and video to create multimedia documentaries, installations, radio pieces and performances. Jenatsch’s highly detailed sonic and moving image works examine how knowledge systems and power influence our social and mental ecologies.

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Daniel Jenatsch

Gallery 5

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