A woman wearing glasses and a headset with graphical UI behind her looking down at artistic renderings of clouds
We Are As Gods, Emile Zile, 2023. Courtesy of the artist

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Emile Zile: We Are As Gods



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Experience a new form of hybrid theatre performance that fuses live streaming, verbal monologues and gaming.

We Are as Gods explores the informal, spontaneous commentary that accompanies cooperative videogame streaming. Through a series of portraits of gamers in the act of live streaming, we hear dialogue that is simultaneously directed at the players themselves, at a remote audience, at a rival player of the game and at an anonymous third party. Using longform recording, stream of consciousness rants and 3D animation, We Are As Gods seeks to find the human in the network, the flesh in the data packet.

Work commissioned through Gallery 5 will enter the ACMI collection.



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About Emile Zile

Emile Zile is an artist, filmmaker and performer. Building on a background of live and single-channel video, his work uses site-specific performance, portraiture and filmmaking to capture the traces of humanity within an accelerating digital culture...

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Inside ACMI X - a weekly podcast series

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We spoke to Emile Zile bout his practice on our monthly podcast showcasing the work of ACMI X residents.

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