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Ep 10: Making dark comedy with Emile Zile


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Tue 11 Oct 2022

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This episode is for deep thinking comedy lovers.

Our guest is Emile Zile, an artist, filmmaker and performer who talks to us about his darkly comic practice – the critical re-use and re-encoding of media broadcasts, communication protocols and online platforms. His work reflects a distributed humanity, a yearning for transcendence and the limits of language.

Building on a background of live and single-channel video, his work uses site-specific performance, portraiture and filmmaking to capture the traces of humanity within an accelerating digital culture.

Emile's influences mentioned in this episode are below:

Andy Kaufman’s tempo – Andy Kaufman on Letterman (October 15th 1980)

Alan Tutorial's voice – My own hand tutorial

Hennessy Youngman's swagger – ART THOUGHTZ: How to Make an Art

Jello Biafra’s gesture – Dead Kennedys - Live in San Francisco, 16-06-1984

Kraftwerk's anti-gesture – Kraftwerk - The Robots (Live, Club Lido, Venice October 1978)

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