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Future of Light: Workshops at the Centre for Transformative Media Technologies


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Sat 29 & Sun 30 Oct 2022

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A rare opportunity to get hands-on with some of the most advanced capture technology in the world.

Located in Windsor, Swinburne's Centre for Transformative Media Technologies (CTMT) is home to cutting-edge motion-capture, virtual production pipeline and volumetric capture facilities.

Ideally suited for students, teachers and members of moving image industries, these exclusive workshops offer participants the opportunity to develop basic skills with and explore the possibilities of these industry-shaping technologies.

Major Academic Partner


Embodied Movement Design Studio
6/40 Green St
Windsor, VIC 3181

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Motion Capture and Virtual Production Pipeline

Virtual production pipelines are the new industry standard for motion capture and provide a new level of creative control for directors, animators and game developers utilising this technology. This workshop provides participants with hands-on experience directing performers and working with real-time motion capture and Unity/Unreal virtual pipelines in one of the most advanced facilities of its type in Australia at Swinburne's state-of-the-art Embodied Movement Design studio.

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Sat 29 Oct, 9.30am – 12.30pm
Sun 30 Oct , 9.30am – 12.30pm

Motion Capture and Virtual Production Pipeline - call to action

Workshop outline


Overview of motion capture

Hardware including cameras and markers

Software – Motive 3.0

Activity – Calibration

Calibration wanding and choosing focus camera

Setting the ground plane

Activity – Marker Set

Explore Motive 3.0’s marker sets and marker up workshop leader wearing the mocap suit

Motive 3.0 Edit Mode

How to create a skeleton in Motive 3.0, including T-pose skeleton tracking calibration

Creating a rigidbody using the prior markered-up prop.

Unreal Engine Live Streaming

Explore rigidbody’s streaming ID and how skeleton tracking can be used to drive an avatar in Unreal Engine live

Activity – Shot Direction

Participants direct a movement for the mocap actor to perform.

Record these as takes in Motive 3.0 and playback


Explore the uses of cleaning mocap data tools


Explore retargeting as the final step in the pipeline to using capture data

Case Studies

Uses of mocap in entertainment media, research, and industry

Volumetric Capture

Volumetric capture is a revolutionary new technology for creating realistic digital humans. CTMT houses Victoria's only volumetric capture studio, run in partnership with Imagine Room, and is one of only three studios in Australia. This workshop offers the opportunity to understand the principles and postproduction pipeline and gain practical hands-on experience in this emerging technology.

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Sat 29 Oct, 1.30–4.30pm
Sun 30 Oct, 1.30–4.30pm

Man sitting in a green screen room holding a basketball

Workshop Outline

Introduction to Volumetric Capture

Overview of volumetric capture

Explore concepts and technology

The Capture Space

Hardware – Microsoft Azure sensors

Depthkit software demonstration

The importance of calibration and how it is achieved


How to plan a successful shoot

The essential do's and dont's

How to mask props

Mock capture

Hands on activity with props and costuming

Perform a short shoot


Hands-on refinement in Depthkit

Cropping & depth-culling of the workshop capture

Explore the complete post-production pipeline including masking, refinement, green-despill

Case Studies

Examples in Unity

Discussion of use cases and emerging ideas

Light: Works from Tate's Collection

Exhibition | 16 Jun – 13 Nov 2022

From Turner to Kusama, celebrate the groundbreaking artists who harnessed the elemental force of light over 200 years of art history.

The Passing Winter, 2005, Yayoi Kusama. Tate: Purchased with funds provided by the Asia-Pacific Acquisitions Committee 2008. © Yayoi Kusama. Photo: Tate

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