Zoë Coombs Marr in Lockdown Comedy Festival (2020) Stan
Lockdown Comedy Festival (2020) Stan

ACMI, AFTRS, Film Victoria and Media Mentors Australia present

Time for a laugh!


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Tue 23 Nov 2021

6pm (AEDT)

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This fortnight we’re talking comedy. Join our guests from the worlds of standup, TV and online platforms as they discuss the projects they made despite COVID-19 – and what’s on their slate for next year.

With MC Denise Eriksen of Media Mentors Australia, the panel – Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope, Diana Nguyen and Todd Abbot – will talk about their brilliant careers creating hilarious shows and share what they do and how they do it.

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The Panelists

Robyn Butler & Wayne Hope

Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope from Gristmill (Librarians, Upper and Middle Bogan) worked with Lucy Durack and Eddie Perfect to deliver Love in Lockdown. Wayne says he took to Google to work out how to do that. And Robyn stayed in her office for pretty much two days straight to write the scripts. From idea to on screen in just a few weeks. They also developed a complex anthology piece which has secured a major about-to-be announced commission here and overseas.

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Robyn Butler & Wayne Hope - cropped

Diana Nguyen

Diana Nguyen (Phi and Me and loads of other stand-up comedy) snorted with laughter all the way through COVID-19 – literally. She started her Snortcast YouTube and podcast series and chatted about life, death and comedy to all of her comedian mates. And she further developed Phi and Me – her hilarious Vietnamese comedy series into a TikTok phenomenon (6 million views!) as it inches closer to becoming a TV series.

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Diana Nguyen - cropped headshot

Todd Abbott

Todd Abbott was at Guesswork Television at the start of COVID-19 – devising and delivering a fast turnaround Lockdown Comedy Festival for Stan, pioneering new ways of doing things. Now he leads the commissioning and creative execution of narrative and scripted comedy programs across the ABC’s multiple platforms. And he’s got lots to say about what the ABC is looking (and not looking) for to make us laugh in 2022.

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