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Birds of Passage

Pajaros de verano

Ciro Guerra | Colombia | 2018 | Unclassified (18+)

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Tue 3 Dec 2019

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A unique sensory adventure; an immersive atmosphere of surreal imagery.

An epic, visually exquisite story about the origin of the Colombian drug trade, told through the perspective of a proud indigenous family. Guajira, Northern Colombia, 1970s. Wayuu tribe-member Zaida has come of age, leaving formidable matriarch Ursula with the important task of finding a suitable match. As the family rises to prominence, Ursula becomes increasingly complicit in her son-in-law’s business dealings, insisting traditional honour codes are respected and observed. But the trappings of wealth and power soon incite a war that threatens to tear them and their ancient traditions apart.

Format: DCP, Colour
Language: Wayuunaiki, Spanish, English with English subtitles
Duration: 125 mins


125 mins


Unclassified (18+)

Melbourne Filmoteca 2019

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