Protagonist crossing a river - screenshot from Spiritwell (TBC) david Chen
Spiritwell (TBC) David Chen

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David Chen | Australia | Unclassified (All Ages)


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An adventure game that follows the journey of a lost child who stumbles across a strange well and falls in.

After awakening in the Spirit World, your young protagonist must now find a way home but finds that it's perhaps not so easy to leave. Enlisting the help of spirits along the way, the child journeys through the Spiritwell to uncover its secrets and find a way back home.

About David Chen

Hi, I'm David Chen, creator of Spiritwell! Hmmm... I don't really know what else to say about myself... I'm gonna go sleep now... Oh, please enjoy the Spiritwell-flavoured content though, fresh out of the oven! Also, I was the first winner of the ACMI+RMIT Games Prize.

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Unclassified (All Ages)

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How to play

Arrow keys: Move

Enter: Confirm

Shift: Return/run

Ctrl: Menu

F: Fullscreen

Esc: Quit

"Take your time and live life"

An interview with Spiritwell's creator, David Chen

We spoke to the Melbourne-based game dev after he received Film Vic funding last year to develop his pixel art fantasy RPG adventure.

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The protagonist surrounded by autumn leaves in a still from 'Spiritwell' (TBC) by David Chen

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