A screenshot from 'Video World' (2021) Things for Humans
Video World (2021) Things For Humans

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Video World

Things For Humans | Australia | 2021 | Unclassified (All Ages)

Groove along with this synth-pop Halloween musical.

Video World is a rhythm game about working at a videostore, based on 3 original songs from synth-pop artist Monster Mansion. Sing and complete rhythmic challenges while you decorate the videostore for halloween and make friends with a magical pumpkin!

The game features music with lyrics, rhythm and story based gameplay, comedic and cute characters, a spooky amount of puns, and an adorable 3D art style.

About Things For Humans

Things For Humans is a videogame studio based in Melbourne, that focuses on innovating in the games-music space, in particular developing games based on pop-music/music with lyrics. It was founded by designer and songwriter Jacob Leaney, who has previously worked in both indie games and music industry. Things For Humans is currently working on a new title for release in late 2022.

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Unclassified (All Ages)

How to install

Grab the full version of Video World on Steam.

How to play

A standard computer keyboard is required. We strongly recommend wearing headphones or turning up your speakers.

WASD to move
E to interact with objects
Space-bar to progress through dialogue and select dialogue options
Arrow keys (←↑→↓) to keep time with the music (story' and 'assist' modes are available to simplify or remove the rhythmic elements)
ESC to pause/for options.

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