Young Sick Bacchus (2022)
Young Sick Bacchus (2022)

ACMI & MQFF present

Young & Queer – Shorts Package


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Sun 13 Nov 2022

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Finding something that fits you perfectly, body and soul, for the first time; the intimacy of inhabiting a private world with the person who understands you best. Young & Queer is dedicated to short films by the next generation of queer storytellers.

Short films

Just Johnny (2021)

Maria and Dermot's straightforward family life takes a sudden turn when their son Johnny announces that he wants to wear a dress for his Holy Communion.

The Last Human Person on Earth (2022)

The Last Human Person on Earth tells the story of Eric and Henry, two 12-year-olds pretending to be the mad scientist and robot survivors of the end of the world in Henry's garage. As the two grow closer during their time together, Eric begins to wonder if their connection might be something deeper than friendship.

Blood Hana (2021)

Introverted teen Lily has begun questioning her faith in God and her sexuality as she develops a crush on her classmate, Alex. As the two girls become closer and Lily's feelings develop, she starts feeling sicker and sicker. After throwing up a flower, her mother reveals to her that she has inherited a disease called Hanahaki, formed out of unrequited love. Lily must make the choice to excise her body of these flowers, as well as her love for Alex, or let them consume her.

Headlock (2021)

A strong-willed transgender woman encourages her long-term boyfriend to get married to a woman of his family’s choosing as his masculinity is questioned by his friends and family.

All I Ever Wanted (2022)

Rom-com obsessed teen Christine has always longed for the picture-perfect romance... but she’s soon confronted with the fact that her ideal prince charming might actually be a princess charming.

Lucky Fish (2022)

Two Asian-American teenagers meet in the bathroom of a Chinese restaurant while having dinner with their families.

Young Sick Bacchus (2022)

As he struggles to capture the essence of his self-portrait, Kirk is interrupted by a dreamy boy packing up to leave the studio. Jacob takes a look at the portrait and decides to stay and help. As Jacob guides the timid and immediately enamoured Kirk, a day dream takes them into a sensual baroque world where every brush stroke, every helping hand, is mirrored in the sexual ballet happening in Kirk’s mind.Snatched out of the affair by the abrupt entrance of Jacob’s girlfriend, Kirk’s loneliness and longing bleeds into the real world as Jacob leaves with his beau. The intensity of his feelings brings the dream world into his waking life and like many first queer crushes, he’s left bereft and alone.

Loving Graham (2022)

Frances who lives in a small country town struggles to come to terms with her sexuality and the struggles of an overly attached ex-partner until she meets the proud and beautiful Graham who helps her reveal her true self.

Event duration

101 mins


Cinema 2, Level 2
ACMI, Fed Square

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