Igorr-Very Noise (2020) - MIAF 2021
Igorr-Very Noise (2020)

ACMI & Melbourne International Animation Festival present

Late Night Bizarre

Unclassified (18+)

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It’s back: our annual haul of the most pungent pieces that have been slid under our door. So, sit down, put your hands where we can see them and take in the full bodied aroma of Late Night Bizarre 2021!


Igorr-Very Noise
Meat Dept
France, 2’36, 2020
A twisting and twisted impact-max warp-speed roll into the turmoils of a mind in a state of extended kinetic transformation.

A Fished Up Life
Hanna Seidel
Germany, 1’04, 2019
Things take a turn for the weird when a man buys a new shampoo – side effects may include…

Alexander Hilson
Australia, 4’25, 2021
A lot of Australia was in lockdown for a looooong time and some animators have had a lot of time on their hands.

Oh Say Can We See?
Noam Sussman
Estonia, 1’58, 2019
An absurdist socio-political analysis of the United States of America’s current state of affairs – sometimes with no pants on.

Gerald’s Long Day
Samuel Brumbaugh
USA, 4’11, 2020
Gerald IS having a long day but his attitude in general isn’t helping things.

The Q-Tip
Risto Kutt
Estonia, 5’36, 2020
The story of a Seahorse attacked by a Q-tip launched by a nearby fisherman who was trying to rescue his lost whale that was taken by a mermaid.

Throat Notes
Felix Colgrave
Australia, 8’30, 2020
A zoologically surrealist tumble through a critter crèche that could only emerge from a certain kind of imagination.

Wood Child And Hidden Forest Mother
Stephen Irwin
UK, 9’34, 2019
Deep in the forest, a hunter encounters a strange creature he cannot kill as a prelude to a truly bizarre rite of passage moment – or two.

All Jerk, No Work
Chris Lambourne
UK, 3’51, 2020
Trapped inside, the number of entertainment options dwindles down to what fun you can make for yourself with your own hands.

Thank You
Julian Gallese
UK, 7’30, 2020
Toledo, the fourth-wall-breaking duck, gets invited to Alverado’s birthday party, an event that is rapidly becoming the talk of the town.

Cumcumcumcumcum Everybody
Peter Millard
UK, 1’22, 2020
Pretty much what it says on the box.

Andy London
USA, 2’49, 2020
When good body parts go bad – and turn on each other!

Dog’s Breakfast
Matt Bissett-Johnson
Australia, 2’00, 2020
A low polygon dog ventures into the Hall of Cosmic Insanity.

Juh Jee Juh Boo Boo
Waldemar Schuur
Netherlands, 2’04, 2020
One crazy-ass horror-themed music video following a girl running from undead psychos in a haunted ossuary.

Terror Fervor
Phoebe Parsons
Canada, 6’00, 2019
A wordless, psychedelic non-linear journey through the extravagant vices of seven different characters.

The Electric Wizard
Eoin O’Kane
Ireland, 1’48, 2020
Wiz and Cosmic Shredder venture into their new favourite drinking hole ‘The Lair of the Goblin King’  only to find that they have already been banned.

Scenes From The Grocery
Arielle McCuaig
Canada, 3’05, 2019
Three sisters get a lot more than they bargained for when they make a late night trip to an other-worldly grocery store.

Subien Han
South Korea, 4’05, 2020
Kewpie manifest themselves as symptoms. A twisting body cannot accept errors. Make of this what you will.

Ivan Li
Canada, 3’25, 2020
A beyond-the-reale deep-dive into a world of satanic fruits, demonic veg and the dark influence of the serially wicked Quentin.

Format: DCP, Colour
Duration: 80


Unclassified (18+)

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Cinema 1, Level 2
ACMI, Fed Square

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