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The Fish Market

ACMI and Melbourne International Games Week present

The Fish Market & The Journey to the Party

Grace Bruxner | Australia


Melbourne International Games Week

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From fish-tastic puns to spooky skeletons, Grace's games are sure to delight.

The Fish Market

Recommended for ages 4+

The Fish Market is a 3D diorama of an underwater marketplace. It was Grace Bruxner's first solo 3D project, inspired by looking into rock pools at the beach. It features a fish band, loads of of puns, and sea creatures living in peace. 

The Journey to the Party

Recommended for ages 6+ Very mild spookiness.

The Journey to the Party was made during a three month "game-a-week" project. The games made during this period were not meant to be perfect, but experimental and simple. Grace wanted the game to end in a long, unskippable cutscene, which is a feature regularly complained about in many AAA games.

About Grace Bruxner

Grace Bruxner is the Creative Director of Melbourne-based studio Worm Club, developers of the Frog Detective series. She also develops a number of small-scale experimental games which have been featured in galleries and exhibitions internationally. Her games centre on the silly and the absurd, with very little focus on mechanics or difficulty. 

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To download and play The Fish Market & The Journey to the Party, visit Grace's page

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