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ACMI and Melbourne International Games Week present

Hope, Endless Scroll & Under A Star Called Sun

Cecile Richard | Australia


Melbourne International Games Week

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Explore Cecile's tiny reflective and thoughtful creations.

Hope - Cecile Richard


Recommended for ages 15+. Contains mature themes, some coarse language

Hope is a game about learning to rely on others and fighting against hopelessness, together. The game is a collaboration between Melbourne-based game designer Cecile Richard and indie band Cable Ties. It was made as part of the Victorian Music Development Office’s initiative to bring indie bands and indie game developers together in Victoria.

Endless Scroll - Cecile Richard.jpg

Endless Scroll

Recommended for ages 15+. Contains mature themes, some coarse language

Endless Scroll is a game about high school memories, regret, remorse, growth and being online late at night. It was commissioned by and first published on Voiceworks Online in December 2019. Endless Scroll is the winner of the 2020 Freeplay Excellence in Visual Art Award. It was also nominated for Excellence in Narrative and the Micro-Game Award.

Under a star called Sun - Cecile Richard.jpg

Under A Star Called Sun

Recommended for ages 15+. Contains mature themes, some coarse language

Under A Star Called Sun is a sci-fi bitsy game about grieving, holding on to fading memories, and carrying the world on your shoulders. It was made for LIMINAL magazine's GLITCH series, released in June 2020 during the Emerging Writers' Festival. The game won the Highly Commended award as part of the HCP Digital Art Prize, and is nominated for the 2020 Australian Game Developers Awards in three categories.

About Cecile Richard

Cecile Richard is a graphic designer, illustrator, zine maker and game designer living in Melbourne whose artistic work often revolves around the themes of memory, connection and belonging. Their most well-known works include award-winning short Bitsy games novena and Endless Scroll, and the recently released Under A Star Called Sun.

Visit Cecile's page.

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If you'd like to learn more about Hope, Under A Star Called Sun, Endless Scroll and more, visit Cecile's page.

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