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ACMI and Melbourne International Games Week present

Intergalactic Space Princess

Izzy Gramp & Geeiz | Australia


Melbourne International Games Week

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This gem will work its way to your heart with adorable art and a multitude of minigames.

Recommended for ages 6+

Intergalactic Space Princess is a hyperactive adventure game for iOS about mistaken identity, exploring the galaxies and finding one's place in the universe. Players take on the role of teen Meline, who, while cosplaying as her favourite TV show character, Space Princess, accidentally gets eaten by a giant space worm and wakes up in another dimension. She is quickly mistaken for the real Space Princess and hilarious drama ensues. Intergalactic Space Princess is a modernised coming of age story told through a point and click adventure game lens. It has been exhibited at ACMI and demonstrated at PAX East, PAX Aus, GX Sydney and Avcon.

About Izzy Gramp & Geeiz

Geeiz is a female founded, collective based game development studio in Melbourne, Aus. The team is passionate about creating inclusive content that encourages women and girls to engage with digital media. Geeiz is currently led by Izzy Gramp (who has a mixed background of photography, graphic design, programming and occasional comedy) who has collaborated with brilliant developers including Cherie Davidson (Tearaway, Dreams, Paperbark), Allison Walker & Olivia Haines as well as early prototype help from Laura Stokes & Lexa Francis (Crossy Road Disney, Shooty Skies, Starcolt).

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Visit the official Intergalactic Space Princess website to learn more about the game and where to download and play it.

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