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Coffee shops, cool baristas and ... necromancy? Check out this quintessentially Melbourne gem.

Recommended ages 15+. Contains mature themes, some coarse language and violence

Necrobarista is a gorgeous 3D visual novel about a supernatural Melbourne cafe where the dead spend their last night on Earth. Utilising a unique anime-inspired aesthetic, Necrobarista places a focus on the usage of bespoke animation and cinematography to provide a cinematic experience that draws players into a visually and narratively captivating adventure.

About Route 59

Formed in 2016 and named after a tram route that used to run by their headquarters, Route 59 is an indie games studio composed of some of Australia’s most forward thinking developers. Route 59 aims to create beautiful, provoking games that push the envelope in terms of style, design, and entertainment.

Head over to the Necrobarista Steam page to purchase the full game.

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Visit the official Necrobarista website to learn more about the game and where to donwload and play it.

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