A screenshot of Terracota by Olivia Haines - hero image
Terracota (2020)

ACMI and Melbourne International Games Week present

Dollhouse & Terracotta

Olivia Haines | Australia


Melbourne International Games Week

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Take a reflective walk through the neighbourhood or discover the Dollhouse's hidden secrets.


Recommended for ages 4+

Dollhouse is a digital toy playset reminiscent of 90s electronic gadgets and Barbie’s Dreamhouse. Explore the house’s tiny rooms, move props and furniture around and enjoy the playful interactions hidden within the spaces.


Recommended for ages 12+. Mild allusions to depression.

Terracotta is a short game about taking a neighbourhood walk to contemplate feelings of hopelessness, and finding small ways to survive difficult times.

About Olivia Haines

Olivia Haines is an independent game developer and artist. She is currently working on an unannounced narrative-driven game, and has previously released several small, personal games that focus on nostalgia, minimal interactions, and vignettes of her life in Melbourne.

Visit Olivia's itch.io page.

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To download and play Dollhouse & Terracotta, visit Olivia's itch.io page.

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