ACI & Melbourne Women in Film Festival presents

Art, Life & the Future: Documentary Shorts

Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand | MA15+
Virtual cinema

This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.


17 Feb - 24 Feb 2021

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The first MWFF featured an Art & Life program with shorts that encapsulated life’s essence using the arts of filmmaking. MWFF's fifth rendition; Art, Life and the Future, reflect lived experiences during – and in spite of – cataclysmic world events.

The documentary stream shows us how absurdity can manifest in our seemingly banal daily experiences. Extra-ordinarily, there are stories of lives in isolation well before lockdown, and of people working together despite a global pandemic. Contemplative and filled with a sense of community, these documentary shorts will leave you not only inspired, but also curious about what ‘normal’ looks like before and after COVID-19.

Arts, Life & the Future shorts packages Documentary, Experimental & Web Series will be bundled together in one rental for $5.

Format: Digital
Language: English, Māori with English Subtitles
Duration: 66


66 mins



Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian for the duration of the film.

Art, Life & the Future: Documentary Shorts

Edith Gibson has 3000 Dolls

Director & Writer: Daisy Lawless | Producer: Samantha Dutton | Aotearoa New Zealand | 2019 | 10 mins

In the heart of suburban Auckland, a widower began to collect dolls in 2009. Edith Gibson now owns 3,000 dolls.


Director: Rendah Haj | Writers: Maudie Osborne, Rendah Haj | Producer: Maudie Osborne | Australia | 2019 | 14 mins

Rahma, a single mother of four, encourages her children to maintain a strong sense of family, faith and cultural identity as she navigates personal difficulties and disconnect.

Keeping Time

Director, Writer, Producer: Marie Thong | Australia | 2020 | 5 mins

Keeping Time is about having the opportunity to reflect on the ebb and flow of our daily lives in an unprecedented and ever-changing situation.

The King of Frankston

Director: Kristina Kraskov | Australia | 2019 | 13 mins

The documentary tells the story of a town with a bad name through the search for its most famous resident. An unlikely local legend known for his incredibly short shorts, his confident stride and his impressive sneaker collection, this hero was seen every day strutting the streets of Frankston until he disappeared. Surrounded by negative stereotypes, is this the hero Frankston needs or the hero it deserves?


Director & Writer: Sofie McClure | Australia | 2020 | 13 mins

A collage of footage and recordings of day-to-day life during lockdown made by 19 people from 6 different countries.

Koro's Hāngi

Director & Writer: Gianni Aro-Reid | Producer: Danni Liang, Elizabeth Hoyle | Aotearoa New Zealand | 2019 | 8 mins

After watching and learning the process of the Hāngi for decades, Neil Reid decided to take this knowledge to his new home in South Auckland and began creating his own with the help of his whanau. Guiding his younger generations through the all-day procedure, we watch as the Reid whanau come together to create, eat and enjoy New Zealand's oldest dish.

Māori with English Subtitles

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