Experimental Shorts - Art Life and the Future - Melbourne Women in Film Festival
Experimental Shorts - Art Life and the Future - Melbourne Women in Film Festival

ACMI & Melbourne Women in Film Festival presents

Art, Life & the Future: Experimental Shorts

Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand | MA15+
Virtual cinema

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17 Feb - 24 Feb 2021

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The first MWFF featured an Art & Life program with shorts that encapsulated life’s essence using the arts of filmmaking. MWFF's fifth rendition; Art, Life and the Future, reflect lived experiences during – and in spite of – cataclysmic world events.

These experimental films and animations by women harness the expressive power of cinema. Whether made in lockdown or freedom, they push beyond traditional storytelling to find something more in the moving image, whether it be a new form of expression or a new activism.

After the showcase, join us for a lively panel discussion on Sunday 21st Feb, 4pm online with the filmmakers about experimentation, creativity in lockdown, and the many ways women express themselves through the moving image.

Arts, Life & the Future shorts packages Documentary, Experimental & Web Series will be bundled together in one rental for $5.

Format: Digital
Language: English
Runtime: 60

Event duration

60 mins



Not recommended for people under 15 without guidance from parents or guardians

Art, Life & the Future: Experimental Shorts


Director: Victoria Hunt | Writers: Victoria Hunt, Margot Nash | Producer: Margot Nash | Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand, United Kingdom | 2020 | 9 mins

Take (te reo Maori: issue, promise, challenge) weaves mana wahine (female knowledge), dance and archival materials to retell the story of the removal of the ancestral Maori meetinghouse, Hinemihi o te Ao Tawhito, from Aotearoa, New Zealand to England in 1892. Set in the liminal spaces between history and emotion Take unfolds a story of origins, of traumatic events and colonial violence.


Director: Alexandra Ashton | Australia | 2020 | 3 mins

1800-DREAMS is an experimental found-footage film that explores the disconnect from reality one can feel in a digital age, and how escapism is a privilege that can't last forever. This film has been created solely from public domain ephemera and archival material.

I See – Trace

Director & Producer: Gali Weiss | Australia | 2020 | 5mins

This animated short acknowledges the limitations of the visual. Coronavirus has brought that home to us. To view is not enough. Presence is more than visual. It connects to the physicality of ‘now’, but also to memory, memory of our senses reacting to what we see. Smell, touch, sound; in coronavirus times, some are lost, some amplified.


Director: Erin M McCuskey | Writer: Megan J Riedl | Producer: Yum Studio | Australia | 2020 | 2 mins

Together under the sun during lockdown. We all see the same sun. We yearn for the sun. Always the sun. Even when our world seems to swing off its axis, there is always the sun.

Medea Instinct

Director, Writer & Producer: Heidi Ann Frick | Australia | 2020 | 10 mins

Georgia is thoroughly alone in her torments. A mystery briefcase that sits in the front of her car is her only solace. One night, as her anxiety reaches its peak, and as her ex-husband denies her cry for help, she is forced to resort to any means possible to escape her torture.

A Last Supper

Director, Writer & Producer: Coco Garner Davis | Australia | 2020 | 3 mins

An abstract artwork shot in isolation yearning for the sharing of a meal.


Director: Lucy Doherty | Australia | 2018 | 4 mins

Reminiscence is the third instalment of Lucy's Dancing For Jane film series which is an annual project intending to accumulate as a visual journey of grief & healing over time.


Director & Writer: Shirin Shakhesi | Producer: Robert Stephenson, Paul Fletcher, CJ Welsh | Australia | 2019 | 1 min

Petrichor traces a short journey about insects and animal’s population decline that affects ecosystems and humanity which would leave only a memory of them for us in the near future.

We Burn

Director, Writer & Producer: Jennie Feyen | Australia | 2019 | 3 mins

The past and present intertwine as a retired astronomer reflects on her deepest love.

All the Colours

Director: Pippa Samaya, Tara Jade Samaya | Australia, Germany | 2020 | 3 mins

All the Colours offers a glimpse into the casual rollercoaster of a relationship bound together in house lockdown during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Shot and edited by The Samaya Wives, featuring themselves, this documentary dance film blends their respective careers as Dancer and Filmmaker, and captures an authentic snapshot of their marriage during these strange times.


Director, Writer & Producer: Grace Julia | Australia | 2020 | 1 min

Produced during the COVID-19 pandemic, this micro short film explores isolation. A young woman thought she’d miss her ex in isolation … but she doesn’t. Seemingly stranded in a barren, concrete landscape, she is alone but not lonely: instead, she’s found solace in her solitude.

Therapy: The Musical

Director & Writer: Kaitlyn Boye | Producer: Kaitlyn Boye, Janelle McMenamin | Australia | 2020 | 6 mins

A quirky therapist hopes to plant some positivity in the mind of a young client – The Musical.

This Weight is not Mine

Directors: Pippa Samaya, Niharika Senapati | Australia, India | 2020 | 8 mins

"This weight is not mine. The expectations. Placed on me. On the body in which I was born. By traditions built. Over history. Into societies. Ruled by men."

Twirl de Lux

Director, Writer & Producer: Erin McCuskey | Australia | 2017 | 5 mins

When women dance it is a revolutionary act. She thinks of herself, of her body, as she twirls. She puts herself first.

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