MWFF Freshly Squeezed Shorts
MWFF Freshly Squeezed Shorts

ACMI & Melbourne Women in Film Festival present

Freshly Squeezed Shorts

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17 Feb - 24 Feb 2021

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An eclectically fresh mix of short films traversing genres and styles that push the boundaries of gender, sexuality, culture, age, ability, and identity – exploring the many facets of Australasian life and society.

Format: Digital
Language: English

Event duration

174 mins



R18+ material is restricted to adults only

Short films


Director & Writer: Melanie Easton | Producer: Gilbert Kemp Attrill | Australia | 2020 | 14 mins

Aquaphobe is the story of Miriam, a young woman who used to be a cat. After unexpectedly turning into a human one night, Miriam is suddenly faced with the challenges of the human world. When she embarks on a romance with Alex, her former owner and an aspiring pro swimmer, she's forced to confront her paralysing fear of water or risk losing her relationship.

Land of Honey

Director: Neal Engelbrecht | Writer & Producer: Catherine Bonny | Australia | 2020 | 11 mins

Patricia, AKA ‘Honey’, a timid, Canadian backpacker tries her luck dancing in an Australian strip club. Struggling to find a friend, let alone a fortune, opportunity presents itself when she least expects it.

The Doubt

Director, Writer & Producer: Anoushka Berkley | Australia | 2019 | 5 mins

A long-married couple heads to the beach to spend some time together. But what should be a nice day out connecting to each other only amplifies just how little they now share in common. What can you do when the doubt starts to creep in?

End of the Line

Director, Writer & Producer: Nicole Miller | Australia | 2020 | 14 mins

A young girl struggling to connect answers the call of a phone box and finds friendship in the mysterious voice on the other end of the line.

The Takedown of Melanie Sprottle

Director & Writer: Joanna Beveridge | Producers: Joanna Beveridge, Nicole Delprado | Australia | 2019 | 4 mins

There's just one person standing between June Clearwater and becoming a Pony Club horse riding champion.

The Men that Come

Director, Writer & Producer: Clare Sladden | Australia | 2018 | 3 mins

A gothic allegory about the way we treat victims and survivors of violence and abuse.

Staring at Socks

Director & Writer: Claire Read | Producer: Annie Bhatt | Australia | 2019 | 6 mins

A young woman who is plagued with intrusive thoughts must decide what will ultimately cost her more: following the often self-abusive made-up “rules” or the imaginary but detrimental consequences of ignoring them?

Where is my Sister?

Director & Writer: Tom Young | Producer: Hel Carter, Tom Young | Australia | 2020 | 6 mins

Two sisters deal with the death of their mother, conflicted by overwhelming feelings. The colours of grief are visually represented on screen as the characters come together in an attempt for closure.


Director & Producer: Adriana Martins da Silva | Writers: Leonel Alvarado, Adriana Martins da Silva | Portugal, Aotearoa New Zealand | 2019 | 19 mins

Mariana, a Portuguese woman who migrated to New Zealand, finds her life woven with Tui, her Māori neighbour. Upstream is a film about leaving and living, and all the threads in between.

English, Māori and Portuguese with English subtitles

Under Bonus Content in Cinema 3

Only the Lonely

Director: Melissa-Kelly Franklin | Writers: Melissa-Kelly Franklin, Stephanie Littlewood | Producers: Danielle Harvey, Melissa-Kelly Franklin | Australia, United Kingdom | 2019 | 13 mins

Aíma has a dark secret & debilitating agoraphobia. To alleviate her loneliness she immerses herself in a tantalising online world where she meets and connects with a like-minded stranger. She's not afraid of what the outside world could do to her, but rather, what she might do to it.

The Water Inside Us All

Director & Writer: Madeleine Mytkowski | Producer: Sam McSweeney | Australia | 2019 | 9 mins

The film plays out in the fascinating space between 'dead' and 'alive' as a young woman is haunted by someone she once knew. In this subtle exploration of grief, sadness comes with moments of light - fragile flickers that can renew hopes in the world, even if just for a moment.


Directors: Joy Ben Hur, Jahvis Loveday / Writers & Producers: Joy Ben Hur, Alysse Burford, Jahvis Loveday / Australia / 2018 / 2 mins

A girl must leave her home town, her family, her friends. Everything she remembers that was horrible -- how the town was so small, everyone knew everyone – becomes the things she will miss the most.

Stage 4

Director & Writer: Angélica Ochoa / Producer: Solveig Houzvic / Australia / 2020 / 5 mins

Stage 4 deals with the feelings we experience in many situations in life: the intolerance for the unknown. As the COVID-19 pandemic brings fear, anxiety, and stress, the days and times become confusing, the spaces smaller, darker, and routines heavier.

Remember When

Director & Writer: Molly Moloney | Producer: Molly Moloney, Claudia Bailey | Australia | 2020 | 10 mins

Awkward small talk and lost love, Niamh meets up with her ex-boyfriend to give his belongings back, only to realise some things mean more to her than they do to him.

Night Night

Director & Writer: Zoë Rae | Australia, United States | 2020 | 4mins

A girl says goodbye to a friend, in space.

Knit of the Dead

Directors & Writers: Alana Auden, Edward Yates | Producer: Alana Auden, Edward Yates, Jennifer Van Gessel | Australia | 2020 | 10 mins

A crafty granny faces off the zombie apocalypse with nothing but her wits and knitting skills.


Director & Writer: Noora Niasari | Producer: Noora Niasari, Marta Jelec | Australia | 2020 | 11 mins

Tâm wakes up in a strange hotel room. As she pieces together the night before, she realizes she is not alone.

Note: Contains a depiction of sexual violence

The Big 'O'

Director & Writer: Marlo Dutton | Producer: Imogen Walsh | Australia | 2019 | 5 mins

Determined to be as sexually experienced as her friends, a teenage girl takes matters into her own hands.

Objects of My Disaffection

Director, Writer & Producer: Sarah-Jane Woulahan | Australia | 2020 | 15 mins

In this devastating depiction of the complexities of relationships, objects are both lines in the sand and triggers for memory as a woman wrestles with suburban normalcy post-breakup. Using mixed media to capture its protagonist’s fragmented mental state, and bolstered by a frenetic, clanging score, this film is a raw and unhinged ride inside a woman's mind.

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