MWFF Next Gen Shorts
MWFF Next Gen Shorts

ACMI & Melbourne Women in Film Festival present

Next Gen Shorts

Australia and New Zealand | 2020 | R18+
Virtual cinema

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17 Feb - 24 Feb 2021

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Watch a diverse range of short films showcasing the creativity and talents of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand's up-and-coming student filmmakers.

Format: Digital
Language: English
Runtime: 174

Event duration

174 mins



R 18+ material is restricted to adults only

Short films

Thallium Enthusiasts

Director: Madeleine Neate | Writers: Madeleine Neate, Ben Bauchet | Producers: Mimi Rosenbaum, Matthew Bunin | Australia | 2019 | 2 mins

In a post-World War II rat-infested Sydney, disharmony thrives behind the doors of domestic bliss.


Director & Writer: Athina Wilson | Producer: India Williams | Australia | 2020 | 11 mins

808 follows Mars, a young woman with a strong sense of self, and a connection to the past. When Mars is hired to work at a content moderation office, she meets Jay, an employee who has become desensitised by their profession. Mars is part of an underground subculture that challenges societal norms by endorsing connection and emotion through music and intimacy. Because Jay is disconnected, he struggles to retaliate against these technological forces and join Mars. If Jay takes action, he might be able to move beyond repression and fear and find love.

Under the Surface

Director & Writer: Becki Bouchier | Australia | 2019 | 7 mins

A young mother, dealing with postnatal depression, wakes one day to find her baby missing. As she struggles to maintain her grasp on reality, she must uncover the truth of what has happened to him.

Start Gate

Director & Writer: Sophie Ash | Producer: Paul Fletcher, Robert Stephenson | Australia | 2019 | 2 mins

An abstract examination of a young woman's involvement in elite sport.


Director, Writer & Producer: Aly Zhang | Australia | 2019 | 7 mins

An impressionistic exploration of a second generation Chinese-Australian migrant grappling with her inner critic, where the filmmaker’s experiences are shared through her personal poem.

I Am Awake, Always

Director: Nyssa Mitchell | Writers: Nyssa Mitchell, Michael Morris | Producer: Amy Mai | Australia | 2019 | 12 mins

In a near-future damaged by the poor choices of the early 21st century, A.I. researcher Eve is tasked with investigating the mysterious malfunctioning of QAS – a super-A.I. created to make the decisions that could save humanity from self-destruction.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Director: Erika Felton | Producer: Mariella S. Solano | Australia | 2019 | 5 mins

When four vastly different individuals aged between 8 and 88 are asked what it is that they’re afraid of, we find out a lot more than just the nature of fear. From monsters under the bed to the far more sinister things that haunt us, one question unites four very different stories.

Just that time of the month

Director, Writer & Producer: Tess McArthur-Dowty | Australia | 2019 | 6 mins

In this visceral impressionistic film the viewer is invited into the director's world as she experiences a menstrual cycle - from food cravings, to anxiety, to physical pain.


Director & Writer: Nicola Macindow | Producer: Oliver Ellis | Australia | 2020 | 11 mins

A late night journey to save a vase of dying flowers forces a grieving woman to unexpectedly confront her loss at a mysterious twenty-four hour florist.

The Mirror

Director & Writer: Leila Murton Poole | Producer: Jara Gonzales, Leila Murton Poole | Australia | 2020 | 16 mins

Mathilde, a mute French orphan, helps to protect Madame B, the most superstitious lady in the world, from all bad luck. Both have developed their own coping mechanisms to deal with extreme loss. When Mathilde breaks Madame B’s most prized possession, a magical mirror, she goes on a journey to fix it.

Under Bonus Content on Cinema 3

Mother Tongue

Director & Writer: Jessica Li | Producer: Samantha Kwan, Heshi Wijerathna | Australia | 2020 | 11 mins

17-year-old Jane begins to embrace her background and rekindle her relationship with her mother when she becomes immersed in Chinese culture at her younger sister’s new language school.

English, Chinese with subtitles

Teta Ya Teta – Grandma O' Grandma

Director & Writer: Fatima El-Hassan | Producer: Ana Culanic | Australia | 2019 | 6 mins

Lebanese born Yasmina, a newly arrived migrant to Australia, is celebrating her 16th birthday, when she is gifted a scarf from her much loved Teta. Yasmina is inspired to start wearing the hijab, but is opposed by her fearful Muslim mother.

Arabic with subtitles

One Thousand Eyes

Director: Nina Blasche | Australia | 2020 | 2 mins

In a psychological landscape created by the eager eyes of men, womankind stares back. Behind every corner, in every window and hidden in the moonlit suburban streets – the male gaze is ever present.


Director: Emmy Clifton | Australia | 2019 | 8 mins

A passionate young beekeeper has suddenly become allergic to bees. The film follows the growth of her passion and shows how far she goes to return to beekeeping.


Director & Writer: Eva Justine Torkkola | Australia | 2018 | 10 mins

What binds people together - memories, time or blood? June constantly tries to control the narrative of her past memories when her estranged father Jack suddenly passes away. Grappling with reality and her hopes of what could have been, she struggles under the weight of the loss of someone unknown.

English, Chinese with Subtitles


Director: Jessica Russell | Writer: Naoimh Healy | Producer: Peter Williams | Australia | 2019 | 10 mins

A woman's search for love in a technological future has dire consequences.


Director & Writer: Nahyeon Lee | Producer: Julie Zhu | Aotearoa New Zealand | 2019 | 12 mins

Sixteen-year-old Yaejin Kim lives in a gauzy, hormonal daydream, dilly-dallying on the streets and in the sheets, with her boyfriend Wes. Their anniversary crumbles into chaos when Yaejin realises she is pregnant on their trip. Her fantasies of adulthood break down, and she begins to realise she needs the person she has pushed away most, her mother.

The Fox

Director & Writer: Kate Murray | Producer: Chanel Le Miere | Australia | 2020 | 15 mins

Strange things begin to happen in the childhood home Su inherits after her mother's death and the family soon discovers they are not alone; a ghostly presence sheds light on a dark truth and both Su and her partner Hamish must come to terms with the consequences of their actions.

Pete's Valve

Director & Writer: Katy-May Hudson | Producer: Samantha Slater | Australia, United States | 2019 | 10 mins

Prudence and Roger meet for the first time. After asking him a series of unusual qualifying questions, we see them begin a temporary "relationship”, leading to the saving of a life and the ending of another. Pete's Valve is a kooky, dark comedy about duty under duress, missed connections, and the metaphorical, as well as physical placement of the human heart.

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