MWFF Web Series
MWFF Web Series

ACMI & Melbourne Women in Film Festival presents

Art, Life & the Future: Web Series

Australia | MA15+
Virtual cinema

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17 Feb - 24 Feb 2021

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The first MWFF featured an Art & Life program with shorts that encapsulated life’s essence using the arts of filmmaking. MWFF's fifth rendition; Art, Life and the Future, reflect lived experiences during – and in spite of – cataclysmic world events.

The new and exciting medium of web series enables filmmakers to tell complex stories on the intimate scale of short films. The series' in this program navigate complicated human interactions as an ever-changing landscape punctuated by the media we consume, and the cultures in which we live.

Arts, Life & the Future shorts packages Documentary, Experimental & Web Series will be bundled together in one rental for $5.

Format: Digital
Language: English, Arrernte and Pertame with English Subtitles
Runtime: 88

Event duration

88 mins



Not recommended for people under 15 without guidance from parents or guardians

Art, Life & the Future: Web Series Shorts

Little Shits (Eps. 1 & 2)

Director: Pat Mooney | Writer & Producer: Hannah Camilleri | Australia | 2020 | 14 mins

Little Shits is a series of comedic scenes created by writer/performer Hannah Camilleri, exploring the dynamics of three housemates, and their newest member, interacting in and around their rental in Melbourne, Australia.

Sydney Sleuthers (Eps. 1 & 2)

Directors: Joanna Beveridge, Nicole Delprado, Ivy Mark, Josh Mawer, Mukul Kandara, Rochelle Reidy, Carla Bellomarino | Writers: Joanna Beveridge, Nicole Delprado, Ivy Mark, Anne Pollard, Gemma Dart | Producers: Joanna Beveridge, Nicole Delprado, Ivy Mark | Australia | 2019 | 9 mins

When a true crime obsessed woman comes face-to-face with a real-life murderer, she teams up with the Sydney Sleuthers, an internet group of armchair detectives, to solve the murder of her neighbour before the killer gets her first!

Social Murderer (Eps. 1 & 2)

Directors & Writers: Sangeetha Gowda, Marhsall Weishuai Yuan | Producers: Rhys Barton-Shaw, New Order Art House Productions | Australia | 2020 | 22 mins

The 8-part web series explores the power and influence of social media through the lives of 8 different characters.

Our Bedtime Stories (Eps. 1 & 3)

Director: Kiara Bailey | Writers: Rita Cattoni, James Balfour | Producer: Rita Cattoni, Joshua Davis | Australia | 2018 | 13 mins

Our Bedtime Stories is much more than a parenting tool to get kids to sleep. The web series presents stories for children in language, using traditional Indigenous storytelling techniques together with animation, music and film.

Arrernte and Pertame with English Subtitles

Uncertain Times (Eps. 4 & 5)

Directors: Serah Nathan, Hayley Beveridge | Australia | 2020 | 12 mins

Two housemates from Melbourne’s suburbs desperately try to navigate their lives during coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown restrictions. Hayley suspects she’s contracted the illness, so Serah tries to find her a cure. Out of work and out of things to keep them occupied, will their friendship survive the pandemic?

Carpark Clubbing (Eps. 1 & 2)

Director: Sarah Bassiuoni | Writers: Tasnim Hossain, Monica Kumar, Sophea Op | Producer: Elliott Clifford | Australia | 2019 | 17 mins

A four episode web series about three young women individually trying to escape their responsibilities by hanging out in the carpark of a doughnut shop, only to fall into a surprising friendship triangle and a series of adventures.

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