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The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926)

ACMI, Fed Square and the Goethe-Institut present

The Adventures of Prince Achmed with live score by Phillip Johnston

Lotte Reiniger | Germany | 1926 | Unclassified (All Ages)

The world's first animated feature is given a new, electronic-infused jazz score by Phillip Johnston and his quartet.

When a mysterious sorcerer attempts to arrange a marriage with a young princess, her brother, Prince Achmed, is quick to intervene. However, the prince is tricked into mounting a flying horse and is soon whisked away to a faraway land.

Drawing on a long history of shadow puppetry and based on stories from Arabian Nights, Lotte Reiniger’s beautifully handcrafted silhouette animation is the world’s oldest surviving animated feature – and perhaps the world's first. Ninety-four years young, this early work of silent cinema is complemented with a new, electronic-infused jazz score by Phillip Johnston and his quartet.

This very special free performance is co-presented with the Goethe-Institut and Fed Square. Arrive early to grab a free gelato, a deckchair or bring your own chair or picnic rug.

Format: Digital
Language: Silent (with English intertitles)
Courtesy: Agentur für Pimrose Film Productions
Duration: 65 mins


Fri 26 Feb 2021


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65 mins


Unclassified (All Ages)




Digital Facade (Big Screen) Fed Square, Melbourne

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About Phillip Johnston

Phillip Johnston is an American-born saxophonist and composer whose extensive work includes jazz and contemporary composition, and music for film, theatre, and a variety of ensembles. Johnston has composed scores for some classic films from the silent era including Faust (1926), Page of Madness (1926) and short films by Georges Méliès.

Phillip Johnston - red background, wearing a hat

Not-so-silent Outdoor Cinema at Fed Square

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