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Prompt Battle at republica, Berlin (photo by Lina Schwarzenberg)

Photo 24 , ACMI & RMIT present

Prompt Battle


This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.


Fri 15 Mar 2024


‘Prompt engineer’ has been touted as a career of the future. But what does that mean, and what really lies at the core of those strange image-summoning incantations?

Prompt Battle comes from its tour of European art festivals to Melbourne for one night only to ask and answer these questions. Join artist Sebastian Schmieg for a live head-to-head AI-image-generation battle, where competitors are invited on stage to creatively slug it out. Come to watch or come to compete!

Need to practice before you compete in Prompt Battle? Visit the execute_photography exhibition at RMIT Gallery from 1 March and start your training with Schmieg's Prompt Battle Training Station (2023).

The original Prompt Battle was developed at HTW Dresden by Sebastian Schmieg, Florian A. Schmidt, Bernadette Geiger, Robert Hellwig, Emily Krause, Levi Stein, Lina Schwarzenberg and Ella Zickerick.


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Cinema 2, Level 2
ACMI, Fed Square

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About Sebastian Schmieg

Sebastian Schmieg investigates the algorithmic circulation of images, texts, and bodies. He creates playful interventions that penetrate the shiny surfaces of our networked society and explore the realities that lie behind them. In particular Schmieg focuses on labor, algorithmic management, and artificial intelligence. He works in a wide range of media including video, website, installation, artist book, custom software, lecture performance, and delivery service.

Schmieg studied at the University of the Arts (UdK) in Berlin. His work has been exhibited internationally at Kunsthalle Zürich, The Photographers’ Gallery London, MdbK Leipzig, HeK Basel, and Chronus Art Center Shanghai. Schmieg is a professor for interface design at HTW Dresden. He is based in Berlin.

Sebastian Schmieg photo by Iris Ja

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