Podcasting microphone

ACMI and Media Mentors Australia present

Podcasting 101

with producer and journalist Sharon Davis


This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.

Podcasts, podcasts everywhere. But how do you make a cracker?

Featuring producer and Walkley Award-winning journalist Sharon Davis.

Hosted by Denise Eriksen and Esther Coleman-Hawkins from Media Mentors

About Sharon Davis

Sharon is an internationally recognised audio producer and investigative journalist – the winner of four Walkley Awards and numerous other national and international awards.    

A highly experienced podcast producer, Sharon currently co-presents Fourth Estate, a weekly podcast focusing on journalists and journalism. She is also a consulting producer, advising on script, narrative structure and sound, on All Things Equal, a podcast developed with the School of Social Justice and Inclusion at UTS in Sydney. 

Sharon teaches podcasting at UTS and works with the Community Media Training Organisation as a trainer and mentor. She recently worked with Schwartz Media to develop their podcasting capacity and produce a new podcast. 

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Fri 1 May 2020

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30 mins


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