Madison Walsh in 'Something Undone' (2021)
Madison Walsh in 'Something Undone' (2021)
Something Undone (2021) 4AM Productions

Presented by ACMI, Film Victoria and Series Mania

Something Undone

Australian Premiere

Nicole Dorsey | Canada | 2021 | Unclassified (15+)
TV screening

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14–17 Oct 2021

On demand

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While settling her estranged mother’s estate, a foley artist is consumed by a dark family secret.

Jo (Madison Walsh), a foley artist, and her partner Farid (Michael Musi), have made a name for themselves with the success of their true-crime podcast. After Jo's estranged mother dies at her family home in small-town Ontario, Jo sets up camp to pack up the house while continuing her foley work. While recording, she picks up a disturbing, human-like, scratching on one of her tracks.

Co-created by its lead actors, Walsh and Musi, Something Undone is a minimalistic, chamber thriller. Featuring superb sound design befitting of series about foley, this short-form series shares its focus on precise detail with the main character's search for meaning and the world's wider fascination with true crime. To pick apart the clues we recommend you turn the volume up.

Winner of the Best Short-Form Series at Series Mania France.

All 6 episodes (10 mins each) will screen in this program.

Format: Digital
Language: English
Source: 4AM Productions
Courtesy: 4AM Productions
Runtime: 60 mins

Event duration

60 mins


Unclassified (15+)

Viewers under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Watch all 6 episodes for FREE on Cinema 3.

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