Our Hospitality (2160x1023)
Our Hospitality (2160x1023)
Our Hospitality (1923)

Presented by Fed Square with the support of ACMI & Insite Arts

Our Hospitality with live score by Blue Grassy Knoll

John G. Blystone & Buster Keaton | USA | 1923 | Unclassified (All Ages)


Tue 27 Feb 2024

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Join us out in Fed Square as we present one of Buster Keaton's earliest feature films as director paired with an uproarious score by Blue Grassy Knoll.

When he inherits the family home, Willie McKay (Buster Keaton) packs his bags and boards a train for a small town in the Appalachian Mountains. During the train journey, Willie coyly sits beside Virginia Canfield (played by Buster Keaton's real-life wife Natalie Talmadge). The pair quietly fall in love across the journey, but unbeknownst to the pair, their family's have a decades long feud. The Canfields have murder on their minds and the moment Willie steps off the train, his life is in danger.

This very special outdoor screening and performance is free to attend. Arrive early to grab a deckchair or bring your own chair or picnic rug.

Format: Digital
Language: Silent with English intertitles
Runtime: 65 mins

Event duration

65 mins


Unclassified (All Ages)


FREE. No tickets required, drop by.


Digital Facade (Big Screen)
Fed Square, Melbourne

How to get there

About Blue Grassy Knoll

Over their 19-year career Blue Grassy Knoll have cemented their place as one of Australia’s most well-loved, accomplished and enduring performance troupes. In recreating the silent movie experience the band sits watching the film with the audience, playing their own original compositions and using the film itself for their cues – a truly amazing experience to witness.

When writing for silent films, the Blue Grassy Knoll have developed an organic process of generating music to moving image that is uniquely collaborative. They draw on influences from a hugely diverse range of musical sources, creating arrangements and textures that mirror contemporary film scoring concepts. They aim to re-invigorate classic films with a modern aesthetic and energy, as well as inject a spontaneity that comes with live performance and improvisation. Their aim is always to deliver what they believe would be the intention of director had he knowledge of today’s film scoring techniques.

Silent Films with Live Scores

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