Top Screen 2022_Meet the Filmmakers School Holiday Session, Awakening (2021), Ariel Reyes
Awakening (2021), Ariel Reyes

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority presents

Top Screen: School Holiday Screening + Meet the Filmmakers


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General Public



Wed 13 April 2022


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The Top Screen 2022 filmmakers discuss the successes and challenges involved in making their short films.

Chaired by the State Reviewer for VCE Media, the panel will explore the ins and outs of producing a VCE Media film, from choosing an idea, to sound and lighting.

The panel discussion will take place in the cinema immediately after the screening.

Event duration

150 mins




The Capitol
113 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000
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Mackenzie Bliss | Comedy | 5 min

In an attempt to escape his own weakness and break free from average teenage life, Henry takes on the hero persona of the Blue Guardian. As his vigilante attempt unfolds with increasing hilarity, it becomes clear that Henry may not live up to the superhero archetype.

VCE Media 2021, Sandringham College

Top Screen 2022, 1, Good Guy, Mackenzie Bliss


Alice Huxtable | Animation, Drama | 5 min

A child's passion to become an astronaut leads to play and bonding with his mum. As he grows up, the child loses his passion and curiosity, and drifts apart from the parent. He gets caught up in the stress and fast pace of adult life, ending up isolated in a dull office job.

VCE Media 2021, Fitzroy High School

Top Screen 2022, 2, Space, Alice Huxtable


Kyle Patocs | Documentary | 6 min

A group of volunteers in Carnegie, Melbourne transform dark, gloomy laneways into vibrant outdoor art walkways. One of the founding members, Kirsten, details the journey from just wanting to clean up an alleyway to becoming a widespread community-based phenomenon.

VCE Media 2021, Kilvington Grammar School

Top Screen 2022, 3, Laneways, Kyle Patocs


Koko Crozier | Horror | 6 min

A young girl awakes to find that her family is missing. As she navigates her secluded farmhouse in their pursuit, she is confronted by a series of supernatural events. The manifestations escalate in disturbing fashion as a macabre reality unfolds.

VCE Media 2021, Methodist Ladies' College

Top Screen 2022, 4, Hereafter, Koko Crozier

Been Here Before

Bailey Zervaas | Animation, Thriller | 4 min

A man's life is threatened as the clock approaches midnight and an unknown figure is out for his blood. When meeting his grim fate, the man is given a second chance to relive the day and attempt to survive with the foresight he is given.

VCE Media 2021, Berwick College

Top Screen 2022, 5, Been Here Before, Bailey Zervaas


Beatrice Lane-Smailes | Music Video, Action | 6 min

After a night out, a woman leaves her friend and walks home alone. She is stalked by a man lurking in the dark, who does not know the woman is actually a witch. With her powers, she is able to stay one step ahead.

VCE Media 2021, Wesley College

Top Screen 2022, 6, Candle, Beatrice Lane-Smailes


Alissa Mohamed | Fantasy, Thriller | 6 min

One night, a random puppet-show ticket is thrown into a young girl's room. After going to sleep, the girl is awoken by her imaginary friend and guided to the puppet show. Her friend then performs a dance routine and ‘welcomes’ the young girl onto the stage.

VCE Media 2021, Narre Warren South P–12 College

Top Screen 2022, 7, Strings, Alissa Mohamed


Ariel Reyes | Drama | 10 min

Awakening is a journey of self-discovery and acceptance through the eyes of Beau, an 18-year-old male struggling to overcome his romantic desires for his ex-girlfriend Eli. Only Marco, a childhood best friend, is able to comfort and lead Beau in the right direction.

VCE Media 2021, Swinburne Senior Secondary College

Top Screen 2022, 8, Awakening, Ariel Reyes

The Abandoned Tour

Eva de Carvalho Koch | Animation | 2 min

This cautionary film follows a perishing cable car along its melancholy route. It explores a crumbling city ravaged by the devastating effects of human overpopulation, consumption and greed. There is a vast wasteland that resides beyond the fenced perimeter.

VCE Media 2021, Bialik College

Top Screen 2022, 9, The Abandoned Tour, Eva de Carvalho Koch

These Walls

Elizabeth Ives | Music Video | 7 min

These Walls is an indie music video that juxtaposes flashbacks to the warmth, hope and joy of youth with depictions of the unfulfilled and loss-tainted present of the young protagonist. It highlights the demoralising fears of individuals on the precipice of adulthood.

VCE Media 2021, Loreto Mandeville Hall

Top Screen 2022, 10, These Walls, Elizabeth Ives

The Flower in Me

Erin Kim | Animation | 3 min

Insecure about the flower buds on her antlers not having bloomed like her other peers, Bom struggles with self-acceptance. Her self-doubt transforms into the physical form of a shadow creature that consumes Bom, until her friend Pangie rescues her.

VCE Media 2021, Templestowe College

Top Screen 2022, 11, The Flower in Me, Erin Kim

Pet Problems

Lazar Feldman | Coming-of-age | 5 min

Mira is a five-year-old prep student faced with the impossible challenge of having to bring a non-existent pet to school for upcoming 'Bring your Pet to School Day'. After discussing with her siblings why she does not have a pet, she investigates how to find one.

VCE Media 2021, Wesley College

Top Screen 2022, 12, Pet Problems, Lazar Feldman

Leaving Meaning

Amelia Wilkinson | Documentary | 4 min

This personal documentary centres around my father, Nathan Wilkinson. It explores his day-to-day life, showing a holistic take, including his art, work and family.

VCE Media 2021, Northcote High School

Top Screen 2022, 13, Leaving Meaning, Amelia Wilkinson

Don & Donna

Bailey Parrôt | Animation, Coming-of-age | 5 min

Don & Donna explores the concepts of unexpected friendship, cartoon nostalgia and basic human connection. It follows Donna, a young adult, and Don, an old man – two roommates who learn to share their wisdom and experiences with each other.

VCE Media 2021, Narre Warren South P–12 College

Top Screen 2022, 14, Don & Donna, Bailey Parr+¦t

Grow Up

Sam Huybers | Action, Comedy | 7 min

Grow Up aims to tackle the pressures of adulthood on teenagers through the symbolism of video games. The film uses animation to bring these video games to life and represent the typical teenager attempting to grow up and leave behind the things they once enjoyed.

VCE Media 2021, Scotch College Melbourne

Top Screen 2022, 15, Grow Up, Sam Huybers

Puppet Show

Finn Woodlock | Thriller | 6 min

Bored and locked in her house, GIRL is tired of her life, tired of being dismissed and tired of not being understood. Most importantly, she is tired of being treated like a child. On a day like every other day, IT shows up. Who is IT? Why is IT here? What does IT want?

VCE Media 2021, Billanook College

Top Screen 2022, 16, Puppet Show, Finn Woodlock

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