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Paws (2023)

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Top Screen: On Demand

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Mon 1 May - Mon 31 Jul 2023

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Presented as part of the VCE Season of Excellence, Top Screen on demand gives you the opportunity to view the work and creative processes of Victoria’s next generation of filmmakers from your classroom.

Be moved, inspired and entertained by an eclectic selection of short films made by VCE Media students from 2022.

Available to stream from Monday 1 May 2023.

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Please register the number of students you plan on watching with. Once your booking has been confirmed and paid, we will set up an account on ACMI's streaming platform Cinema 3 for your school, and add the Top Screen program to your account.

Once you press play on either program, you have 48 hours to view them. The content can be viewed as many times as you like in that 48 hour period.

Event duration

150 mins




Watch it on ACMI's streaming platform – Cinema 3. When you book, an account will be setup for your school and the program will be added to your library.

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Films in the program

Earl Dreams of Apples

Emile Feik | Arthouse | 10 min

An adolescent boy has a night of strange and vivid dreams involving a beach full of buried apples, a disappearing razor, a masked man and a highway at night. All these surreal images materialise a fear of the future and a desire to return to the comfort of childhood.

VCE Media 2022, University High School, Parkville, Wurundjeri Country

Top Screen 2023, 1, Earl Dreams of Apples - Emile Feik

I’m a Background Character

Jasmine Lane | Animation, Action/Comedy | 3 min

When, in a twist of fate, the main character of the story dies at the hands of a villain, an unremarkable college student decides to take on the mantle of saving the world, even though he’s supposed to be nothing more than a background character.

VCE Media 2022, Casey Grammar School, Cranbourne East, Bunurong Country

Top Screen 2023, 2, I'm a Background Character - Jasmine Lane

Steam Alive

Adam Rudnicki | Documentary | 8 min

Steam Alive is a documentary that highlights the generational shift occurring in Victoria’s railway preservation sector, where many young volunteers are now joining railway organisations to continue the restoration and running of Victoria’s heritage trains.

VCE Media 2022, Ivanhoe Grammar School, Ivanhoe, Wurundjeri Country

Top Screen 2023, 3, Steam Alive - Adam Rudnicki

The Trials and Tribulations of Being Jordan

Will Calleja | Teen Drama | 6 min

Jordan is a troubled teen making her way through high school. Resenting her current lifestyle, she starts to re-evaluate how she lives her life and deals with social anxiety.

VCE Media 2022, Footscray High School, Footscray, Wurundjeri Country

CALLEJA, Will, Media Film, The Trials and Tribulations of Being Jordan 7


Henry Holmes | Coming-of-age | 6 min

A young boy finds an injured bird on his way to school and decides to take it home and care for it until its wing heals. Soon after, the bird dies. Placing it into a shoebox, the boy decides he will bury the bird and return it to the place he found it.

VCE Media 2022, Wesley College, Melbourne, Bunurong Country

Top Screen 2023, 5, Bert - Henry Holmes


Jai Postma | Animation, Sci-Fi/Adventure | 5 min

Paws is an animation that follows a cat traversing a post-apocalyptic city in search of food. The film is a technical exercise in realism, focusing on survival amid destruction.

VCE Media 2022, Ashwood High School, Ashwood, Wurundjeri Country

Top Screen 2023, 6, Paws - Jai Postma

Break the Mould

Samantha Chim | Documentary | 5 min

A documentary-style interview with 35-year-old transgender model and public figure, Rora Mac, about her struggles going through life and what she had to conquer to get to where she is now.

VCE Media 2022, East Doncaster Secondary College, Doncaster East, Wurundjeri Country

Top Screen 2023, 7, Break the Mould - Samantha Chim

Going Home - Về Nhà

Han Nhi Ngo | Family/Coming-of-age | 7 min

Going Home – Về Nhà follows the journey of a Vietnamese girl as she tries to find her home. The film explores the detachment of second-generation Vietnamese-Australians who struggle to connect with their culture and feel lost amid societal expectations.

VCE Media 2022, Williamstown High School, Williamstown, Bunurong Country

Top Screen 2023, 8, Going Home - Về Nhà - Han Nhi Ngo

Driven To Revenge

Lola Keddie | Heist/Comedy| 5 min

In her old Kombi van, Sharon nervously drives Jane towards her destiny. Jane is hellbent on revenge for money she is owed by her pizzeria boss. In this suburban heist movie, stolen wages are the ultimate prize.

VCE Media 2022, Albert Park College, Albert Park, Bunurong Country

Top Screen 2023, 9, Driven to Revenge - Lola Keddie


Ella Hennessy | Animation, Family | 3 min

Bloom delves into the protagonist’s experience of grief and loneliness after losing someone close to them, but proposes that love and support can still always be found, sometimes through unexpected sources.

VCE Media 2022, Padua College, Mornington, Bunurong Country

Top Screen 2023, 10, Bloom - Ella Hennessy

Sensory Memory

Xaviere Weis | Music Video | 4 min

This music video explores themes of self-expression, friendship, the pursuit of happiness and joy. It follows two young women adventuring through the city and countryside, celebrating the magic of female friendships.

VCE Media 2022, Northcote High School, Northcote, Wurundjeri Country

Top Screen 2023, 11, Sensory Memory - Xaviere Weis

Mechanical Dreams

Luca Di Natale | Animation, Sci-Fi | 7 min

A suspiciously advanced robot, RX-39, contemplates his purpose in a dystopian society in which humans overpower and control robots. As RX-39 struggles to comprehend his purpose, he questions the daunting reality faced by his kind… will he overcome the authority?

VCE Media 2022, St Michael’s Grammar School, St Kilda, Bunurong Country

Top Screen 2023, 12, Mechanical Dreams - Luca Di Natale

The Cleaners

Tia McNeill | Animation, Psychological Thriller | 5 min

The Cleaners is a stop-motion animation told through the point-of-view of a grandfather as he celebrates his 80th birthday with family. Peculiarities emerge as the night progresses and large gloved hands begin removing objects – symbolic of memories – cluttered throughout the protagonist’s home.

VCE Media 2022, Virtual School Victoria, Thornbury, Wurundjeri Country

Top Screen 2023, 13, The Cleaners - Tia McNeill


Sequoia Pather | Drama | 6 min

A young girl named Marlee runs away from home in the middle of the night to flee her abusive mother. She navigates homelessness with her dog while dealing with the emotional toll of her troubled past.

VCE Media 2022, Swinburne Senior Secondary College, Hawthorn, Wurundjeri Country

Top Screen 2023, 14, Shift - Sequoia Pather

Beachcomber Blues

Evie Taylor-Constable | Animation, Romantic Drama | 3 min

In this animation, an old dog searches a beach to find a seashell to gift his husband. However, he is impeded by slowly worsening weather as a storm threatens to sabotage his search. Motivated by his memory and love for his husband, he carries on undeterred until he finally finds the perfect shell.

VCE Media 2022, Coburg High School, Coburg, Wurundjeri Country

Top Screen 2023, 15, Beachcomber Blues - Evie Taylor-Constable

Top Screen 2023 program

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