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This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.


8 Dec 2003 – 9 May 2004

The compelling artworks in the Transfigure exhibition demonstrate the artists' virtuosic command of film and 'new media' technologies. Many of the works also provoke questions about the broader implications of our ever-accelerating technological evolution.

In ACMI's Screen Gallery, Char Davies' immersive virtual environments and Stelarc's cheeky computer-generated interlocutor, provide the thematic focus for Transfigure: technology, body and landscape. Thirteen other works by prominent Australian and international artists have been selected from ACMI's Exhibition Collection to further explore sublime tensions between technology and nature, space and perception, identity and image.

The Gallery is charged with an aesthetically diverse matrix of film and video, sonic spaces, biomedical visualisations, digitised bodies, artificial intelligence, game play, virtual constructions, and other startling images that transfix our gaze, transform our perceptions, and transmute our imaginings.

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