Harriet Andersson in a still from Summer with Monika (1953) directed by Ingmar Bergman
Summer with Monika (1953)

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The Story of Film: An Odyssey (Episode 7)

Mark Cousins | United Kingdom | 2011 | M

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29 July 2020

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It's the late fifties and early sixties and throughout Europe cinema is having a major moment

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At the halfway point of The Story of Film, Mark Cousins heads to Europe. It’s the late fifties and early sixties and cinema is about to be shaken up with thoroughly dynamic styles.

In the wake of Italian Neorealism, Fellini, Pasolini and Sergio Leone receive huge international acclaim. In Sweden, Ingmar Bergman really hits his stride. And, in France the nouvelle vague crashes down.

Format: Colour
Language: English


63 mins



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Once Upon a Time in the West

Over four weeks, we will be selecting episodes of The Story of Film: An Odyssey and pairing them with relevant films featured in these episodes. This week we have paired Episode 7 with Sergio Leone's 1968 film Once Upon a Time in the West. We do encourage you to watch the full series of The Story of Film at your own leisure. 

A still from Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) directed by Sergio Leone

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