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Kaylene Whiskey, Ngura Pukulpa – Happy Place, 2021. Courtesy Kaylene Whiskey and Iwantja Arts. Photo: Max Mackinnon
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Between the Details: Video Art from the ACMI Collection

Showcasing six moving image artworks by Australian artists, this exhibition celebrates ACMI’s vibrant collecting and commissioning program.

Working in video offers artists the opportunity to use editing as their primary technique; mixing and matching elements from other films or their own work to tell new stories. By remixing or rearranging footage they build different rhythms and moods, create hilarious juxtapositions or shed new light on cultural cliches and presumed histories. The works in this exhibition all demonstrate an irrepressible desire to bring deep themes to the surface with humour and an incredible attention to detail.


Commissioning Partners

Tour slots available 2025 onwards

Want to learn more? Email us: touringinfo@acmi.net.au

Fast Facts

  • Five moving image artworks, with the option to add one 360-video experience
  • Ready to play files on ACMI supplied media players and Mac Mini
  • VR equipment for the optional presentation of Christian Thompson’s work
  • Variable size dependent on venue capacity and display options selected
  • Includes visual identity, graphics and labels – provided as digital files
  • Includes marketing kit, approved assets, images and templates for marketing and publicity
  • Display, installation and technical specifications for each work

Tour schedule

Benalla Art Gallery, Benalla, VIC
09 December – 26 February 2023

Warrnambool Art Gallery, Warrnambool, VIC
11 March - 11 June 2023

Western Sydney University, Sydney, NSW
24 July - 08 October 2023

Manningham Art Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
21 October - 04 February 2024

Flinders University Museum of Art, Adelaide, SA
19 February - 19 April 2024

Mildura Arts Centre, Mildura, VIC
11 May - 04 August 2024

Rockhampton Museum of Art, Rockhampton, QLD
21 September - 24 November 2024

Pinnacles Gallery, Townsville, QLD
07 December - 23 February 2025

ArtSpace at Realm, Melbourne, VIC
24 March - 18 May 2025

Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Maitland, NSW
07 June - 12 Oct 2025

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