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Game Lessons is a program of free lesson plans and professional development that help you use videogames in the classroom.

We help teachers to expand their teaching and learning repertoire using the tools many students are passionate about – videogames. We foster a cross-curriculum learning community and build teachers’ capacity to create, access and share practical lesson plans.

You do not need to be ‘a gamer' to engage with the opportunities that videogames offer for learning across the curriculum.

Game Lessons is an ACMI Education initiative funded by the Department of Education Victoria's Strategic Partnerships Program, and supported by a committed network of teachers.

The full library is launching soon; see below for three "taster" lesson plans that showcase great ideas for literacy.

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Other games in education resources

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ACMI Scratch Coder

A browser-based open-source game engine free for anyone to use.

Explore ACMI Scratch Coder
Game builder background

ACMI Game Builder

An online resource for teachers and students making their very first videogame.

Explore ACMI Game Builder
Indigital Minecraft challenge

Indigital Schools Challenge

Students to explore their local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural knowledge, histories and languages using Minecraft Education Edition.

Explore the Indigital Minecraft Education Challenge
Ithrive games dark logo

iThrive Games

Game-based learning tools to help you embed social and emotional learning into academic content.

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Minecraft education edition

Minecraft Education Edition

A collection of resources designed to support educators getting started with Minecraft.

Explore Minecraft Education Edition
Hey Listen Games

Hey Listen Games

Game-based lessons sorted by subject to get you started on your game teaching journey.

Explore Hey Listen Games

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ACMI acknowledges the support of the Department of Education Training, Victoria, through the Strategic Partnerships Program