The fish market

Teaching with videogames: soundscapes and 'The Fish Market'

Videogame worlds are not just visual, but rely on sound to engage, excite and entertain audiences.

This lesson sequence will develop student critical and creative understanding of videogame soundscapes.

Year levels: adaptable for Year 5 to VCE

Learning areas: Media arts/Media

Suggested duration: 3 lessons

Equipment you'll need:

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The lesson plan includes links to the Victorian and Australian Curricula, indications of lesson timing, and ideas for differentiation and assessment.

Fish Market grace bruxner whale
Fish Market grace bruxner fish shop
Fish Market grace bruxner wide
Screenshot from The Fish Market by Grace Bruxner.jpg

In this lesson, students will

1. Analyse two different sound design approaches in two videogames: The Fish Market and Overwatch
2. Brainstorm sounds that could create an imaginary game environment and record Foley sounds
3. Use Garageband (or other audio editing software) to create a soundscape that matches an inspiration image
4. (Extension) Use a video editing platform like iMovie to create a short film with a rich sound environment.

Learning goals

what a soundscape is
how sound constructs meaning and engages audiences
how soundscapes are constructed
be able to
analyse soundscapes in videogames and identify elements that create mood and meaning
notice and discuss audience responses to soundscapes
record sounds with the intention of creating meaning for an audience
design and create soundscapes
use audio editing software
collaboration skills
reflection skills
critical and creative thinking skills
ICT capabilities

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