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Teaching with videogames: regulation & VCE Media Agency & Control

Build students’ knowledge of the arguments around the influence of video games on audiences and the resulting issues surrounding regulation of the format.

Content note: this lesson makes reference to videogame violence and asks students to consider a player's relationship to violent behaviour or aggression. Please consider your students and their potential experiences of violence when planning this lesson.

Year level: 12

Subject areas: VCE Media Unit 4 Outcome 2

Suggested duration: 1 lesson

Technology required:

  • screen to watch videos together on YouTube

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The lesson plan includes links to the Victorian Curriculum, indications of lesson timing, and ideas for differentiation and assessment.

In this lesson, students will

1. Consider the relationship between videogames and violence
2. Explore Australian and international classification protocols and consider the motivations behind classification
3. Look at a previous exam question about classification and workshop possible responses
4. Consider the way classification has changed over time

By the end of this lesson, students should

the arguments for regulation of video games and the nature of how that regulation applies in a globalised digital market.
be able to
track the changing nature of how videogames are influencing audiences and evaluate the impact of video games in terms of violence.
understanding of the role of regulation in the video game industry.

Authorial credit

You are free to copy, communicate and adapt this lesson plan which was created by Dean Ashton, Sita Fatchen and ACMI and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.