Game Lessons

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Videogames and learning

Curriculum areas: Primary and Secondary teachers, across learning areas

The Game Lessons project is designed to support teachers to create, access and share well-designed lesson plans for impactful and meaningful learning experiences using videogames.

Game Lessons builds teacher capacity through:

  • Professional learning

  • The development and sharing of knowledge and research around videogames in the classroom

  • Opportunities to foster the cross-curriculum potential of videogames through the creation and sharing of lesson plans

Game Lessons provides participants with:

  • Expert support through PD’s and video conferences

  • An online resource library of lesson plans

  • Recommended additional resources

  • A professional, cross-disciplinary learning community

Note - you don’t need to be ‘a gamer’ to engage with the opportunities videogames offer for learning across the curriculum.

If you want to join a Victoria-wide network of teachers and experts to co-develop effective resources around videogames in the classroom, please email ACMI's Digital Education Producer, Vincent Trundle for more information via ACMI Education.

Game lessons is a Victorian State Department of Education and Training SPP funded program.

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