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Videogames and professional learning

Teachers across all learning areas:

Now in its third year, Game Lessons supports teachers to create and share quality lesson plans using videogames for dynamic learning.

The Game Lessons project fosters a cross-disciplinary learning community and aims to build teacher capacity to deliver more effective learning programs through:

  • quality professional development sessions

  • advancing and sharing knowledge and research around videogames in the classroom

  • fostering the cross-curriculum potential of videogames through the creation and sharing of lesson plans

Note - you don't need to be 'a gamer' to engage with the opportunities Game Lessons offers.

Game lessons is a Victorian State Department of Education and Training SPP funded program.


Teaching Games

Call for research participants

ACMI is undertaking a research project related to the effectiveness of videogames in the classroom and the Game Lessons project. We seek help from teachers with different experience levels who are plan to use games in their teaching in terms 2 and 3 2020 to take part in a low-impact reflective assessment of their approach and impact.

We'd like to hear from you if you:

- have not used games in the classroom before, but plan to do so- have used games in the classroom before, and are applying your learnings in new ways

- have extensively used games in the classroom and wish to share your experience

The research will comprise a short online survey capturing your ambitions at the start of term, a brief check-in mid-term, and a short online survey capturing your reflection at the end of term.

If you are interested, please email including:

- whether you have used videogames in the classroom before

- your level of confidence in using games in the classroom

- whether you prefer to take part in term 2 or term 3.

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