The Lens

Explore, collect, discover

The Lens is a free handheld, take-home device that lets you collect the artworks and objects you discover in our exhibitions. What you collect will be curated into an online collection. Delve deeper into the stories and ideas behind your favourite parts of the museum and discover new films, TV shows, videogames and art to watch, play and experience.

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Thanks to our Lens concept, design and production collaborators; Second Story, Swinburne University’s Centre for Design Innovation and Lumicom.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I get a Lens?

At the entrance to the new centrepiece exhibition, The Story of the Moving Image. If you are an ACMI Member, go to the information desk to collect your new member card which has your Lens embedded in it.

Where is my Lens code?

The Lens code is a random combination of letters and numbers.

If you have a Lens, you’ll find your code on the back, at the top and centre.

If you have a membership card, you’ll find your code on the back of your card, to the left underneath ‘Member Lens code’.

If you have either a digital or printed ticket, you’ll find your Lens code at the bottom of the ticket. It will appear at the end of the lens URL. It should look like

How many things can I collect with my Lens?

There is no limit to the number of things you can collect with your Lens, however at opening there will be about 200 different touch points throughout the building.

Sorry, there is no prize for collecting them all.

What is the Lens made out of?

The Lens is made of compressed cardboard and is fully recyclable once the NFC tag is removed. You can remove the NFC tag by pressing on the perforated edges at the top of the Lens. All dyes and inks used on the Lens are plant-based.

Can I use the Lens more than once?

Yes, you can. You can also pick up a new one each time you visit – it's your choice. The Lens is recyclable but is also meant to be a keepsake.

Can I have more than one Lens?

Yes, if you have picked up a new Lens on your next visit you will be able to connect your visits and see everything you have collected across all your ACMI visits.

Can I share the Lens with someone else?

We recommend each adult visitor takes their own Lens. However you can share a Lens in the exhibition if you wish. Once you go to our website your Lens will connect to a single email address. Once you have logged in, you can share your visit link with anyone so they can see what you collected.

What happens if I lose my Lens? Can someone else access my data?

If you lose your Lens prior to logging in, someone else can claim your Lens ID with their email address.

If you have lost your Lens after logging in, only those with access to your email address will be able to access your visit.

No personal data other than what you collected and what you made during your visit is accessible if your Lens is lost.

Why is ACMI asking for my email address?

In order to provide access to view the specific objects and media that a visitor has collected, a visitor is required to create an account by providing a valid email address.

This can be any email address that you can receive messages at – including free, anonymous email services such as or similar. This email address will be stored in ACMI’s customer database but you will not be emailed unless you decide subscribe to our newsletter.

ACMI respects the privacy of individuals, please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

I put in the wrong email address, what do I do?

When you enter you Lens code and email address, you will have 30 minutes before the link expires. You can cancel the link if you know that you have entered the wrong email address.

How do I use my membership card as a Lens?

Members do not need to pick up a separate Lens and can simply use their new member card.

The Lens sticker on your membership card is your Lens. Align the Lens icon on your membership card to the Lens icon on your favourite works to collect them. Use the unique code on the sticker to log into your visit.

Why isn’t the Lens a smartphone app?

The Lens was designed to be unique to ACMI. The Lens does just one thing and it doesn’t beep or send you unnecessary notifications. Keep your smartphone for taking photos and videos with your friends during your time with us, let us take notes for you.

Research has shown that engaging more of your senses during a museum visit helps you better remember it. We feel that the Lens is a part of helping you remember your time with us more effectively than an app.

The Lens never runs out of battery or disconnects from our wifi. It also doesn’t leak your information to other companies.

I'm having issues logging in with my Lens, what do I do?

Please visit the Lens log in troubleshooting page if you are experiencing any issues.