Innchanted - Audience Lab March 2021
Innchanted, DragonBear Studios

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ACMI + RMIT Audience Lab: March



20 & 21 Mar 2021


Test out and get a sneak peek at works from the hottest and newest moving image creatives in our March Labs.

Innchanted, DragonBear Studios
DragonBear Studios, a participant in the pilot Audience Lab project back in 2018 are creating a 4 player couch co-op game entitled Innchanted. Using funding grants, the team have hired several First Nations artists and contributors, and the game focuses on Indigenous stories and themes.
Note: DragonBear Studios are sponsored residents in ACMI X.

GustaCine, Rohit Ashok Khot &HAFP Research Lab
GustaCine explores extra-sensory impacts on watching films by testing how taste can affect a viewers watching experience. Participants will be prompted to taste specially flavoured popcorn at certain points through a short film, and testing will gauge how this affects their emotional response to the film. Following this is a one-of-a-kind mindful coffee experience.

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FREE (museum entry ticket required)

Registration is required to participate in GustaCine. Register at the Gandel Digital Future Lab 1, Level 1.

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Innchanted: Swinburne Studio, Level 1
GustaCine: Gandel Digital Future Lab 1, Level 1

ACMI, Fed Square

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