Reject Island (2021) Ben Argall, Charlotte Galvin, Dandelion Hoggett, Tao Li, Tanya Wong
Reject Island (2021) Ben Argall, Charlotte Galvin, Dandelion Hoggett, Tao Li, Tanya Wong
Reject Island (2021) Ben Argall, Charlotte Galvin, Dandelion Hoggett, Tao Li, Tanya Wong

ACMI + RMIT present

Reject Island

Playtest it at ACMI or online

2021 | Unclassified (All Ages)


Sat 27 Nov 2021


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Play as Tuesday, a lowly intern at global conglomerate Huge Company, who is assigned the worst job there is – a visit to Reject Island.

Promoted from coffee runs to data collection on creatures of myth, Tuesday's workload is HUGE. Seriously.

Meet and document the ensemble cast of weird and colourful mythological creatures that have fallen into obscurity and are ‘reassigned’ to Resettlement Island (more colloquially known as Reject Island). Over the course of your stay, discover the true purpose of your assignment and wrestle with a desire for promotion that could come at the cost of your bonds with the island’s inhabitants.


Ben Argall: Producer, Sound Designer, Level Designer
Charlotte Galvin: Programmer, UI and UX designer
Dandelion Hoggett: Lead writer/narrative design, Research
Tao Li: Character artist + modeller, rigging and animation
Tanya Wong: Environment designer/artist, 3D modeller, producer

Major Research Partner


Unclassified (All Ages)


Swinburne Studio, Level 1
ACMI, Fed Square

How to get there

Play at home

Visit the Reject Island Itch page.

Reject Island


WASD or arrow keys: movement
Left mouse click: interact
Esc: pause

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