Wander Wonder (2021) Courtesy Patrick Macasaet & Vei Tan
Wander Wonder (2021) Courtesy Patrick Macasaet & Vei Tan

ACMI + RMIT present

ACMI + RMIT Audience Lab: October



26 Oct – 14 Nov 2021

Get an online sneak peek at uncanny ecologies in Wander Wonder by Patrick Macasaet & Vei Tan, and practice your film chops in teams with Video Shop Algorithm by Jessie Scott in our October Labs.

Wander Wonder, Patrick Macasaet & Vei Tan

"We are Wanderers; quasi-professional archaeologists, historians, technologists, creatives, scientists, eco-warriors and daredevils who wander the globe alone. Wondering to know what we have done; what we should have done; what we should do. Wondering to know. Wandering to act."

Exhibited at the Melbourne Design Week 2021 and Venice Architecture Biennale 2021 – Italian Virtual Pavilion, Wander Wonder is a speculative post-anthropocentric world that plays host to a fantastical open-world environment melding architecture, landscape, technology, nature and experiences. Explore environments and sensorial habitats as didactic and provocative future-centric imagined realities questioning the future impact of emerging technologies and climate change to our emerging ‘naturaficial’ future landscapes and ecologies.

Be a Wanderer. Wander the naturaficial landscapes. Wander the new infrastructures. Wander the unnatural growth. Wander the peculiar habitats. Wander the uncanny ecologies. Wander the abandoned technologies. Be in wonder.

Video Shop Algorithm, Jessie Scott

Imagine if there was an algorithm that WASN’T dumb… What if there was an algorithm that didn’t deliver what it thought you’d like, but what you didn’t even know you wanted? In short, an algorithm that harnessed the chaotic discovery of a Video Shop, where chance encounters and unanticipated juxtapositions on the shelf led to new associations and experiences?

Sadly, there is no algorithm that can do that. But now, there is a game that can.

Video Shop Algorithm revives the “cognitive congeniality” of the video library, where objects and people in space combine to create fresh connections and new knowledge about film and video – ever the currencies of contemporary culture.

Working together as a team, you are rewarded for the number and complexity of connections you can draw between an ever-expanding mind map of film titles. Without access to your smartphone, you must draw deep on your memory and stored knowledge along with your fellow team mates, to tease out unexpected connections and ford unbridgeable divides.

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How to participate in Wander Wonder

  1. Download the Wander Wonder file.
  2. Extract the files, and double click on the Wander Wonder icon to launch. Please note: Wander Wonder is currently only available for PC.
  3. Once finished complete the survey to provide feedback to the creators. It takes around 2 minutes to complete.

How to participate in Video Shop Algorithm

  1. There are two ways to play Video Shop Algorithm:
    a) You can download the print and play version – print out the game to play.
    b) You can also play a digital version online.

2. Instructions for how to play are included in the print and play download or at the website.

3. Once finished, complete the survey to provide feedback to the creator. It takes around 2 minutes to complete.

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