May 2023 WIP night - Enter the Chronosphere - pre alpa - Star Effort Games
May 2023 WIP night - Enter the Chronosphere - pre alpa - Star Effort Games
Enter the Chronosphere (Effort Star Games)

May 2023 Showcase: ACMI X Screen Industry Works-In-Progress Night

Unclassified (18+)

This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.


Wed 24 May 2023

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A free showcase of screen works in progress.

Watch, playtest and meet the makers behind exciting and evolving projects across film, TV, videogames and art. During the evening, guests will be invited to provide real time feedback to practitioners to help develop their projects for public audiences. This event is designed for people working in the screen industry or looking to connect with people across these industries.

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May 2023 showcase to be announced

Major Research Partner

Event duration

105 mins


Unclassified (18+)


FREE (registration required to attend)

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Swinburne Studio, Level 1
ACMI, Fed Square

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May showcase

A closeup of a young woman with short hair and a nose ring in a blue dress, resting the side of her head against a concrete wall.


by Eva Otsing

Cement is an experimental screen work that explores the intersection between the organic and the artificial. This collaborative project between the visual artist Eva Otsing and dancer Marni Green (previously Stephanie Lake Company and Chunky Move) is inspired by Eva's post-Soviet upbringing in a brutalist neighbourhood in Estonia and the music of Greek electronic artist Lena Platonos.

Cement seeks to reveal the humanity that lies underneath the concrete of urban environments, and challenge the audience to re-evaluate their relationship with their surroundings and find a deeper connection to the natural world.

The project is currently in editing stage, with colour grade, graphics and sound design (by Thom Pringle) in development.

Beekeeper Simulator - Tara Brown

Beekeeper Simulator

by Tara Brown

Beekeeper Simulator is a relaxing and cosy game where you become a beekeeper who tends to your garden, cares for your bees, decorates and sells honey produce.

Beekeeper Simulator is close to completion. The demo is on and the team are working on a handful of mechanics before full release.

Enter the Chronosphere - pre alpa - Star Effort Games

Enter the Chronosphere

by Effort Star Games

A psychedelic science fantasy rogue-like that blurs the line between real-time action and turn-based tactics. Follow a crew of misfits as they fight through and disable uncharted 'chronospheres': Colossal structures that consume time and distort reality. Play at your own pace, alternating between bold action and careful planning. Craft wild combinations of weapons, items, and character abilities. Unlock biomes, bosses, and game modes; each with their own mechanics and challenges.


Round and round the merry Go, go, go, go ADHD!

Round and round the merry Go, go, go, go ADHD!

By Mayah Eden Lasky.

It is a 4 channel immersive video and sound experience emulating the experience of ADHD, through documentary practice and composition.

Ready for Release.

Life at 12.47PM - still

Life at 12:47PM

by Duncan Corrigan

A short game where you wander around freely, listen in on your community and grow inspired (literally).

Proof of concept.

Short Film: Floating Bodies (Alexandra Kirwood and Laura Banfield)

Showcase your project

Practitioners are invited to submit their projects at early stages of development and if selected, bring them along to be played or screened in the Swinburne Studio at ACMI, Fed Square.

Up to four works-in-progress will be shown per night. Basic equipment will be provided to practitioners, depending on project requirements.

Available dates in 2023
– Wed 5 July, 5.15–7pm
– Wed 30 Aug, 5.15–7pm
– Wed 22 Nov, 5.15–7pm

The Lamb sermoning in a screenshot from 'Cult of the Lamb' (2022) by Massive Monster

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A list of projects presented by local creators as part of this event since July 2022.


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