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Obi 2 - web
BOYGIRLTHING in The White Room (Obi Herron)

November 2023 Showcase: ACMI X Screen Industry Works-In-Progress Night

Unclassified (18+)

This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.


Wed 8 Nov 2023


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A free showcase of screen works in progress.

Watch, playtest and meet the makers behind exciting and evolving projects across film, TV, videogames and art. During the evening, guests will be invited to provide real time feedback to practitioners to help develop their projects for public audiences. This event is designed for people working in the screen industry or looking to connect with people across these industries.

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Event duration

105 mins


Unclassified (18+)


FREE (registration required to attend)

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Swinburne Studio, Level 1
ACMI, Fed Square

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November showcase

November 2023 Showcase: ACMI X Screen Industry Works-In-Progress Night

Eternal 'Chase' (Ming Liew)

Eternal ‘Chase’ is an essay film that examines the contemporary immigrant experience in relation to historical narratives of racial oppression. Drawing from Liew's lived-experience as a first-generation Chinese-Australian, the film investigates the narratives of Chinese gold miners during the Australian gold rush. By exploring the traumatic past of Liew's ethnic community, this essay film meditates on notions including history-reading, victimhood, multiculturalism, and reconciliation.

Ming Liew is an emerging lens-based artist. His practice draws upon his Chinese-Australian bicultural identity, combining auto-ethnography and visual storytelling to examine the immigrant experience in contemporary Australia.

This film is currently in the editing stage.

Obi 1

BOYGIRLTHING in the White Room (Obi Herron)

Come, step inside the White Room. BOYGIRLTHING in the White Room is an animated short film about identity, apathy, and time; to be told in three distinct acts. The Boy, the Girl and the Thing.

Obi Herron is a filmmaker and video artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. He was recently commissioned as part of SIGNAL’s 2023 Screen X Sound Commissions, is an Artist-in-Residence at both Richmond Library Makerspace and ACMI X, and has upcoming exhibition at Feltspace Gallery (Adelaide) in 2024. 

This film is in the early development stage.


The Hamster's Journey (Rain Jam Games)

The Hamster's Journey is a roguelite platformer in which you guide Hammy Jo, the hyponymous hamster, through the exciting cage escape of their dreams. Don hats and pants to imbue Hammy Jo with unique types of movement, and combine these powers in clever ways to overcome the obstacles strewn in your way.

Rain Jam Games is a small group of early career game developers being guided through the process of making and releasing a game by Shane Trewartha and Finn Morgan: two industry veterans with backgrounds in teaching.

This game is in the Alpha stage of development, with a release slated for early 2024.

namomon visual pet

Nanomon Virtual Pet (Oscar Brittain)

Do you want a (monstrous) pet, but just don't have the space? Well, Nanomon Virtual Pet is a PC game that gives you the chance to raise a pet monster from the safety of your own desktop! In its tiny window, your Nanomon will explore a MASSIVE world as you work, study, or play.

Oscar Brittain is an indie game developer from Naarm (Melbourne) He has been working on Nanomon Virtual Pet in his spare time for over 5 years, but finally has the time to make it his main project.

This game is currently in the Alpha stage, with full production about to begin.


Grist (Chironex Studios)

In a galaxy slowly dying from a cybernetic plague, you take on the role of a Starship Captain while seeking answers, searching for a cure, and doing whatever it takes to get by. GRIST is a science-fiction RPG that combines a nostalgia for the text-based RPGs of early PC gaming with an interest in contemporary boardgames, and a healthy dose of synthwave.

Chironex Studios is an independent game developer based in Taungurung country. 

This game is set for early-access release in the first half of 2024.

Card Retrieve

Card Retrieve (Geek Latte)

Card Retrieve is an action roguelite game where you play as Ace, a dog magician teleported from a modern time into a feline-feudal Japan period. Wielding magic cards with boomerang mechanics and magic tricks to fight the cats and find your way home!

Geek Latte Pty Ltd is a studio established by three Swinburne graduates consisting of a combination of international and local students to form a home in Melbourne. They are dedicated to creating casual games that will captivate your senses and leave you craving for more.

This game is in the pre-production/early prototyping stage.

Short Film: Floating Bodies (Alexandra Kirwood and Laura Banfield)

Showcase your project

Practitioners are invited to submit their projects at early stages of development and if selected, bring them along to be played or screened in the Swinburne Studio at ACMI, Fed Square.

Up to four works-in-progress will be shown per night. Basic equipment will be provided to practitioners, depending on project requirements.

Available dates in 2024
– Wed Jan 24

The Lamb sermoning in a screenshot from 'Cult of the Lamb' (2022) by Massive Monster

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A list of projects presented by local creators as part of this event since July 2022.


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