A woman with curly black hair and brown skin kneels on the floor in a flouncy yellow dress. a bald white man with his face painted orange and white circles around his eyes lies on the floor, his head resting in her lap. He is wearing an orange and black t-shirt, white shorts with an orange sports stripe down the side, and black and orange runners, with his feet crossed at the ankles, as if to mimic the shape of a fish. Both people are dressed in a way that references different characters from children's cartoons - the woman's dress looks like Belle's from Beauty and the Beast, and the man's attire and face paint references Nemo, from Finding Nemo.

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Death by barracuda, mum hunted in the forest, parents shipwrecked. There is a trope across children's literature and cinema that centres the parentless child (or animal) as protagonist.

FAWN connects characters from popular culture with everyday people who have the lived experience of losing a parent. Dressed in a kind of orphan drag and performing acts of care on each other, they form temporary bonds and act out unlikely intimacies. FAWN queers the notion of family and acknowledges that loss doesn't always lead to a heroic coming of age adventure.


This FREE online exhibition is showing in Gallery 5 on the ACMI website.


Curator's note by Jini Maxwell

FAWN is a tender exploration of grief, reciprocity, care and popular culture. This video work is the latest iteration in an in an ongoing project by feminist art collective APHIDS...

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Still from FAWN - performers hugging


APHIDS is a 28-year-old artist-led experimental art organisation based in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia...

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Gallery 5

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