Gallery 5

Art that reflects, celebrates and interrogates the internet and digital culture.

Social - We Are As Gods - hero image - courtesy of the artist copy

Emile Zile: We Are As Gods

Now showing

Experience a new form of hybrid theatre performance that fuses live streaming, verbal monologues and gaming.

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Still from Olivia Koh's video work, 'Palm Family'

Olivia Koh: Minyak Sawit Keluarga (Palm Oil Family)

Now showing

In this exciting new co-commission from Hyphenated Projects and ACMI, artist Olivia Koh examines her paternal family’s farming practices in rural Southern Malaysia.

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Three-headed bird, Still from The Close World, The Building

Daniel Jenatsch: The Close World – The Building

Now showing

Daniel Jenatsch’s first foray into playable video-based art explores the imaginative capacity of AI.

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Now showing

Death by barracuda, mum hunted in the forest, parents shipwrecked. There is a trope across children's literature and cinema that centres the parentless child (or animal) as protagonist.

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Xanthe Dobbie- The Long Now | 3 Jul – 3 Oct Gallery 5

Xanthe Dobbie: The Long Now

Now showing

Technocapitalism, climate grief and ancient history collide in Xanthe Dobbie's single-take desktop performance exploring the human urge to seek immortality.

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DOKU - Live Alone Die Alone – The Karma Circle - Lu Yang 19–20 Mar

DOKU: Live or Die Alone – The Karma Circle

Now showing

Artist Lu Yang takes the exploration of digital augmentation into contemporary and historical realms for his latest motion capture performance.

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Past Gallery 5 works

Firepit Collective - Hyper//Echo

Firepit Collective: HYPER//ECHO

3 Apr – 1 Jul 2022

Explore a virtual space, and create fragile digital artefacts and messages for others, in this interactive web-based artwork.

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Laura Duffy: Spawn

1 Dec 2021 – 6 Mar 2022

What do freak-science, fairies and queer flower coding have in common? These themes intersect in a new experimental video work by Te Whanganui A-Tara based artist Laura Duffy.

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The Three ACMI commissioned Unfinished Camp artists - Moorina Bonini, Kalanjay Dhir and Jazz Money

Unfinished Camp

24 Sep – 19 Dec 2021

What is the future of art in a decentralised world? Three young artists will seek to answer that question as part of a new global initiative.

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Ross Gibson: head_phone_film_poems

10 Jun – 5 Nov 2021

Ross Gibson’s new online exhibition features a suite of films that creatively remix an array of ‘readymade’ online archives.

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Matthew Griffin: content

17 Dec 2020 – 1 May 2021

As we doom scroll through content, Matthew Griffin encourages us to consider how we engage with the proliferation of information we are subjected to online.

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Lu Yang: Delusional World

Wed 11 Nov 2020

Exploring digital voyeurism and online cultures, Lu Yang's Delusional World summons audiences to our new online gallery to encounter a frenetic collision of Chinese mythology, sci-fi futures and live performance. Learn more about the work

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