Galaxies [a love letter]
Galaxies [a love letter] Melody Woodnutt, 2020.

ACMI presents

ART+FILM: Artist Film Workshop


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Tue 20 Feb 2024

Join members of Melbourne’s Artist Film Workshop as they introduce and screen their recent short films. All shot on 16mm film, these films celebrate the pleasures of working with celluloid.

The films created at the artist collective and not-for-profit organisation Artist Film Workshop (AFW) are varied and unique. This screening showcases the material subtleties and warm beauty of 16mm. From formal experimentation to personal documentaries, these films explore the handmade and the visionary.

About Art+Film

ACMI's ART+FILM program showcases short and feature-length films by leading Australian and international artists. With a focus on single-channel works that harness the unique conventions of cinema, the program comprises internationally significant works from the ever-expanding field of artist films.

Event duration

90 mins




Cinema 2, Level 2
ACMI, Fed Square

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Red Earth

Red Earth

An imagined future where a rediscovered archive of photographs, sound and film captures the beauty of extinct ecosystems in South Australia.

Bryce Kraehenbuehl, 16mm, 9 min

How To Build a Forest

How to Build a Forest

Centering her perspective from Agnes Denes' land artwork 'A Forest For Australia' (1998), a scientist from a distant future returns to Earth to understand how her colony might build its first forest. What begins as a scientific mission becomes a meditation on place, memory and the weight of progress.

Jenn Tran, 16mm, 6 min

Grimpen Mire 2

Grimpen Mire

A journey into the Yorkshire moors. With music by James Rushford.

Hanna Chetwin & Alexander Garsden, 16mm, 4 min

Fear 2

Fear of Floating

Humanity approaches in an ineluctable wave of uncertainty, hope and inevitability. A ferry crossing in Mumbai stands here for all such places and times of human expansion and human vulnerability.

Dianna Barrie, 16mm, 7 min

Geometry of Faith (Short Film)

Geometry of Faith

Geometry of Faith draws on personal 16-mm footage of the 2023 solar eclipse in Western Australia. The images are manipulated using a specific analog technique (flat contact printing using torchlight) to form a layered choreography of this event and the mystical experience that unfolds: A synchronous factual and mythical enveloping of the landscape and its inhabitants, initiated by the pre-determined, mechanical movements of celestial bodies.

Sabina Maselli, 16mm, 7 min

Like a Lighthouse1

Like a Lighthouse

A blinding beam of light. The piercing sound of ships. Everything - the land, plants, the sky - shouts for attention. Perceptions assail us with their demands to be noticed.

Richard Tuohy, 16mm, 12 min

celestial Bodies

Celestial Bodies

After a failed attempt to film stars on a Bolex despite kind help from the Astronomical Society of Victoria, this film embraces theatricality. it is a poetic attempt to embrace glittering spectral and celestial bodies; at once our own and all else born of dead stars.

Melody Woodnutt, 16mm, 3 min

Ilona Schneider

Queenstown Ghost

Ilona Schneider, 16mm, 3 min

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