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Alan Hicks, Rashida Jones | United States of America | 2018 | M

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3 Mar 2019

Alan Hicks and Rashida Jones craft a moving portrait of the legendary Quincy Jones.

An effortlessly engaging portrait of a major musical icon whose laidback charisma, prodigious ego and poetic turn of phrase can still light up a movie screen.

Hollywood Reporter

As one of only 18 EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) winners and boasting a career which spans decades, to call Quincy Jones a legend is something of an understatement. From Miles Davis to Steven Spielberg, his creative legacy charts some of the most celebrated moments and seismic shifts in popular culture.

For his latest film, award-winning Australian filmmaker and musician Alan Hicks teamed up with actor-writer-director, Rashida Jones to craft a portrait of her father. Given the close family connection at play, Quincy is an intimate film that puts its 85-year-old subject at its centre. Interacting with family and friends, at work on multiple projects and ultimately telling his own story from humble beginnings in Chicago to the man he is today. Quincy culminates in the opening celebrations of the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington D.C.

Watching Quincy Jones tirelessly producing the opening event, corralling a definitive who’s who across music, film, television and politics is a testament to his outstanding career. However, to see him experience the museum and reminisce about the many the lives and stories it showcases, gives a sense of his profound influence and place within the fabric of American popular culture.

Melbourne Theatrical Premiere

Please join us after the screening for a very special discussion with Director Alan Hicks.

Format: DCP, Colour
Language: English
Source: Netflix
Courtesy: Netflix
Runtime: 125



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