Babakiueria (1986) ABC
Babakiueria (1986) ABC

ACMI presents


Don Featherstone | Australia | 1986 | PG


Tue 6 Dec 2022


Rediscover this satirical classic and join us to celebrate the end of the year.

Watch Babakiueria out on the Fed Square Big Screen, followed by club drinks afterwards at Mabu Mabu.

About the film

Babakiueria is a drama pretending to be an ethnographic documentary examining the customs of the white natives of ‘Babakiueria’, from the perspective of the country’s black colonisers.

Babakiueria is named so as a result of first contact between the colonisers and the natives: arriving at a barbecue area, the settlers ask the locals, "what’s this place called?". Presenter Duranga Manika (Michelle Torres) looks back at this moment and at white people’s place in contemporary Babakiuerian society. She also spends time with a ‘typical’ white family.

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Fed Square, Big Screen
(Meet at the ACMI sign at Fed Square)
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Session details

5.45pm: Club members meet at ACMI sign at Fed Square
6pm: Watch Babakiueria on the Fed Square Big Screen
6.30pm: Club drinks at Mabu Mabu

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First Nations Film Club

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