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This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.


21–22 Jan 2017

A moving image installation exploring memory in the age of social media, created by our brightest young creative producers.

The brain, by default, tries to quantify time in an attempt to outsmart it. When the organic structures in our brain begin to fade, our recollections lose their vividness. So we store things digitally, hoarding objects and photographs, creating infinite triggers to compensate for this loss. However, every time we access memories, we accidentally change them. Therefore our triggers evoke incomplete and inaccurate memories, creating an internal glitch. If our memories cannot retain their integrity, will we all be misremembered?

The Creative Producers Hub, a new initiative by our Intermix youth program, commissions young artists of different disciplines to create a work that explores new engagement with the moving image.

Presented in conjunction with Signal Summer.